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  • I installed the flattr-plugin and went to the settings to configure it.

    After I did enter the API-keys and saved the flattr-settings screen went empty and also in the backend all options are no longer expanded. I tried to reload the flattr settings but still it’s empty.

    I thought it could be a memory problem but even setting the mem to 128 MB in the config did not help.

    I guess this might have something to do with the fact I’m using custom post types…

    Any insights please?

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  • Nothing?

    I deinstalled the flattr-button some time ago because it slowed the loading of the website considerably down while waiting for content to be fetched via javascript from the flattr page. That was not acceptable.

    With flattr now changing the way it works (from 1st of may on, as was announced) I wanted to check back to see if there are improvements but instead it ceases to work completely. This ist not encouraging.

    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    Could you please be a little more specific about what your actual problem is / problems are?

    If the Button on your blog is not loading fast enough, that’s nothing the plugin itself could fix. It’s allready designed the way that it loads as one of the last elements of a page.

    Regarding the empty admin dashboard: Could you check your browser JavaScript console for any output?

    Firebug reports no errors in the admin panel

    The slow loading was some versions ago but when I deactivated the plugin everything was fine again.

    I cannot say anything about the current loading behaviour, as the plugin does not work at all.

    You probably should be more specific what information you need. As I wrote above, after I entered the API-informations the flattr-settings screen in the backend went blank. Everything else works just fine.

    I will activate the WP-logging and see if that gives some more information about the problem.

    log shows two flattr-related notices and one fatal error:

    [04-May-2011 07:19:25] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant new_flattrwidget_widget – assumed ‘new_flattrwidget_widget’ in /home/imagcon/public_html/phantanews/wp/wp-content/plugins/flattr/flattrwidget.php on line 143

    [04-May-2011 07:19:25] PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant FLATTRSS_PLUGIN_PATH – assumed ‘FLATTRSS_PLUGIN_PATH’ in /home/imagcon/public_html/phantanews/wp/wp-content/plugins/flattr/flattr5.php on line 376

    [04-May-2011 07:19:26] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method OAuthUtil::parse_parameters() in /home/imagcon/public_html/phantanews/wp/wp-content/plugins/flattr/oAuth/flattr_rest.php on line 390

    I would think that the oAuth-error is the culprit.

    “Everything else works just fine.” was not a very good description. I meant that all other plugins work without problems, that was not related to flattr, which does not work at all.

    Sorry about that, english is not my native language.

    # OS : Linux (64 Bit)
    # Server : Apache
    # MySQL Version : 5.0.92-community-log
    # SQL Modus : not set
    # PHP Version : 5.2.14
    # PHP Safe Mode : Off
    # PHP Allow URL fopen : Off
    # PHP Memory Limit : 128M
    # PCRE Backtracking Limit : 500000
    # PHP Max Script Execute Time : 30s
    # PHP IPTC Modul : Yes
    # PHP XML Modul : Yes

    Well, I provided a precise errormessage, it would be really nice to get at least a small pingback as “I’m working on it” instead of no response at all…

    If you need more information please tell me what information exactly you need. I’m willing to provide more details to get rid of this error, but questions have to be asked as I’m not that clairvoyant… 😉

    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    I’m working on it

    You know, it is not my job. I do it for free and I do it whenever I find time for it. With the flattr service down currently it’s difficult debugging everything. And with thousands of installations working I’m not quite convinced that the “fault” is with the plugin…

    Plugin Author Michael Henke


    Please update to current version and try again. (

    I think the issue is that while libxml and curl being activated, DOM support ist disabled on you install. Please check.

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