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  • Hi,
    is it possible that the plugin submitted old articles that I’ve already had submitted manually before the plugin provided the ability to auto-submit?
    Fact is that on my Flattr profile there seem to be 2 identical things, even with the same URL (therefore I can access the 2nd one only via search by tag), the only difference being that one already has Flattrs, the other one is empty.
    I’m not sure if the cause is related to the plugin, so I wanted to check if other users experienced something similar.

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  • PS: I checked my Flattr profile again.
    I cannot reproduce that “same URL” phenomenon, but there definitely are double entries of posts (submitted with full summary and the tags from WP) with a date some time back (before I installed the plugin) when I were still submitting manually.
    It really looks like the plugin auto-re-submits old posts. Is this expected behavior, should I change the setting to submit only new posts?

    I get the same double entry problem. But more generally: every time I edit an already published blog entry, a new Flattr thing is created. If I fixed a typo in the beginning of the text, the corrected text part would be taken as the description of the new Flattr thing. So, how to stop the plugin from republishing to Flattr everytime I edit?

    Furthermore it even submits an entry when I update a scheduled article that is not yet published (or when I schedule it for the first time). In that case it uses a temporary link “…/?p=XXXX” instead of the expected permalink.

    And it submits stuff which are not regular posts. I have the simple-urls plugin and when I create a redirection link with that plugin, it’s also submitted to flattr.

    All this is pretty annoying…

    I noticed only now that many of (or all?) the double entries that I have searched and removed recently have been submitted again yesterday – and that despite the fact that automatic submission is unchecked. I have not even opened the posts, so the plugin is apparently just going through all existing articles and submitting them.
    I have now revoked the authorization in the Flattr settings, hope that helps – didn’t find the unlinking in the plugin settings. Looking forward to re-enabling this plugin.

    If someone clicks a flattr-this button in your RSS Feed that’s very far behind (could be even triggered by webcrawler) the plugin tries to generate the thing so it can redirect the user to it. (Only if the thing does not exist yet)

    If the same things are submitted with different urls (one character difference is enough) they will appear as a seperate entry.

    I also found out that if you edit the post, for example deleting or adding a new tag a NEW entry for the whole post in created in which is not good.

    Yeah, same problem. All updates gets a new Flattr-post with the single tag “blog”. Not good.

    my solution: don’t activate feed and/or change slugs

    correction: I still see double entries. not good. anyone doing an update for the plugin?

    Update is coming by the end of the week.

    Changing a blog post, especially the posts permalink, will allways result in a new/additional Thing. This is by design…

    In none of my cases, did I change the permalink. That said probably that drafts and scheduled posts do not have a definitive permalink yet… but those are not yet published and should not be sent to Flattr yet.

    I’ll check once more but the auto-submit only happens if a posts state goes from draft to published. Scheduled posts are out of the loop anyway.

    simple-urls plugin << Very bad!

    A short notice for everybody using “simple-urls plugin”:

    Please post on their devs board that they are messing up permalinks if you have problems with the flattr button.

    the flattr plugin does only do read access on the permalink and never changes it. simple-urls is doing some crazy stuff with it that the devs need to get in correct order.

    Michael, can you elaborate? simple-urls does not change anything for “normal” posts.

    It adds a new custom “post type” however and those posts would be better ignored as they are only “redirections” and not real posts. Ideally the flattr plugin would have an option to select which custom post types must be registered on Flattr and which one must be ignored.

    But I have not seen any bad interaction between both plugins.

    Ideally the flattr plugin would have an option to select which custom post types must be registered on Flattr and which one must be ignored.

    It has! See the WordPress Aamin Dashboard for the Flattr Plugin an check the Expert Settings tab…

    Post Type – Append Flattr Button only to selected post types.

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