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  • Hi, this plugin seems to be cool but I can’t create any gallery. It says that a gallery has been created but there’s nothing in the preview and when I paste the code it says that the gallery is not found either… Any solution?

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  • @allyv4

    Check the value of upload_path in On some systems the plugin fails if this value is blank or wp-content/uploads. Ideally it should be the absolute path to the upload directory. Something like /home/content/yoursite/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads

    Hope this helps.

    Hai, I’m facing the similar issue I guess. I can create gallery but cannot display them… When I copy the shortcode to a post it give me this error: e.g “Gallery ‘1248531575_40x270_Grand-Launch-2009.xml’ not found.”

    I try to look into options.php but not sure where to check for the value if it’s blank. Can you share a bit more about where can we check out the code?

    Thanks a lot.

    I’m also having trouble. A few issues:

    1) When I add photos to the gallery, even if I select ‘small’ or ‘thumbnail,’ they show up in the gallery at their full high-res size. I guess the obvious fix is just to upload smaller images, but it seems like choosing ‘small’ should make them display only at small size.

    2) Check out how the gallery displays at First, nothing shows up until you click the ‘play’ button. Then when you do, the gallery displays too wide – wider than the body width of the blog. Finally, when you try to click on the various thumbnail pictures, they won’t show up big.

    Any thoughts? Perhaps the gallery isn’t compatible with the theme I’m currently using (Lightword)?


    Hi, the latest version of the gallery (v 0.6) addresses this issue of gallery. Let me know if you are still facing the same issue. If yes, let me have a look at a test link.


    In its current state, the gallery adds only full size images and hence the size related issues. Am planning to close this in the next release.


    I have the same problem like AllyV4. I checked the upload_path and it’s correct, it looks like this: /var/www/web18/html/wp-content/uploads. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello ,

    I am not able to create the gallery nor i am able to put the code

    1- What is the code for this gallery ?
    2- Does anyone know has howto for this ?

    Please help

    I’ve got a problem.

    I’ve installed the program. But what code do you paste into a page in order for it to be seen?

    Feeling stupid, but like khaleejiboy can’t find the code anywhere.


    )) hello… my version WP 2.9.2 …… write in page: Gallery ‘nameofgallery.xml’ not found. but if i write the absolute path my picture not display in WP file manager, only the captions ))

    @ kils – I’m no expert but that sounds like a file permissions problem. Are you on a shared host? Some of you could try chmoding your uploads folder to 777. But 777 is unsafe. I’ve heard there’s files you can upload to those folders to protect them at 777 but I’m not sure what goes in the files. But you could find it on Google.

    No thumbnail images are showing up for me. The thumbnails show up on the page as white. Has anyone encountered this issue? any ideas how to fix this?

    I feel like I am missing something really obvious.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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