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    Thank you to the developer of this plugin. I am working with videos, and the workflow of creating a playlist is okay, except there is no way of reordering the videos. Deleting and re-adding videos would be quite a hassle.

    I would rather have a list rather than a dropdown menu to choose the videos from (with thumbnails would be ideal of course). And the title of the video runs right under the player if it is too long, rather than wrapping.

    But the biggest problem is that it totally wiped out the left sidebar of the post page… not good. This may have been caused by my needing to insert the required code into a header.php file in a child theme which does not give any fine tuning of placement without copying the entire header.php from the parent theme. So others may not experience this problem.

    I think it is ideal when a plugin does not require one to make changes to theme templates.

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  • Plugin Author Krasen Slavov


    Hi there, in the newest version version of the plugin added a way to re-order your media the way want it, also changed the template system and now it is much easier to use and customize your galleries, there’re 9 different template layouts.

    Thanks for your support.

    I gave it a quick run through. This time I ran it on a parent theme to eliminate extra possible css issues.

    When setting it up, I added too many rows to input the videos, and was surprised that there was no way to delete the rows. It looks like once you have added a row to put media into, by golly you are then required to put media there. So I made stuff up to fill in the spaces, because it was not going to let me go any further until I filled in those required spots. (I then deleted them after the fact; but I had to search to find how to do that. (It’s in the “Current Status” column)

    Another thing that surprised me was that, apparently, once you have finished adding media to a gallery, you can delete entries, but you can not go back in and add any new items.

    So, I ended up with 3 videos in a gallery. I entered the shortcode in the post, and when I looked at the page, there were two scrollbars, one above the other, with the text of titles and descriptions across where a player should have been… there was (or were, I was expecting one player that would play the three videos) no player to be found on the page.

    In the third space there was a player placeholder saying that there was no video to display.

    I realized I had designated one of the videos as Vimeo when it should have been YouTube. That’s when I got my third surprise. When I went back into the plugin setup, I saw that there is no way of changing the media type once the gallery has been saved.

    Well I’ll save us both the time of further dissertation and just say that I have found a solution that will work for me and am going to continue to use it.

    But I do appreciate your commitment to continuing to develop this plugin for the WordPress community and I hope that others will have better luck with it than I did.

    Plugin Author Krasen Slavov


    Thank you for testing the plugin and pointing out all the issues you had. You feedback is greatly appreciated, I just added fixed to the couple issues you had.

    – you can now delete rows in the add media page, if you by mistake add more rows
    – also added some code to validate the Vimeo and YouTube handles, this way if you select video type Vimeo and enter media link handle for Youtube or Dailymotion you will get an error.

    One more time thank you for your feedback.

    Plugin Author Krasen Slavov


    once you have finished adding media to a gallery, you can delete entries, but you can not go back in and add any new items.

    Yes once you delete an item from your gallery it won’t show up (it is deleted permanently), that’s why you have the option “hide” which doesn’t delete the item but just doesn’t display it in the front end. Later on if you decide you can update and “show” this item.

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