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    I am experiencing an issue with the “Search box” only showing 0’s instead of actual numbers. The only other number that shows up is at the end and it is “$1,000,000+”. The properties that I will be listing range from $400k – $50 million. So the first problem is getting the numbers to show up. The second problem is to make it appropriate for my client/customers. They won’t be interested in looking at cheaper properties so no point in having “to” and “from” pricing such as $100,000 – $200,000.

    I would also like to know if there is a “Search box” that can be placed on a page? Is there a shortcode for that?

    Please assist cause it is bugging me

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  • can’t help you with the 0’s thing,
    but do know that as of this version, if you want to change the listing range numbers you need to edit the plugin files (it’s hardcoded and there’s no option to configure it)

    also there is no shortcode to place a search box in a page. I had to edit the code to do that as well

    Thanks but the 0’s is the main problem and I am not sure how to edit the plugin files. Could you advise what to look for, and where to find it in the plugin edit manager, and what to change it to? I am trying to not ask for too much while I am not new to webdesign, I am definitely new to wordpress. Can anyone assist?

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    We have pinpointed the cause of this issue and created a workaround in the code. The next version should resolve this issue. It appears it only occurs on some web servers based on how PHP was installed.

    If possible, just hold off until the next update so you don’t need to figure out how to update any files šŸ™‚ If you face any issues after the update, respond here or create a support ticket on our website –

    Hi, i recently submitted a support ticket regarding this issue so i’m happy to find this will be resolved soon!

    Could you give us an idea of when the next update will be released?

    Great plugin by the way!

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    Hello, we are hoping to have the next update released today or tomorrow however we have made some major modifications to the code to improve stability. We are in the process of testing and want to make sure the next release resolves current common issues.



    Please forgive my ignorance. I am new. I would like to know. Does the Firestorm Real Estate Plug in cost anyhting? If so where do you pay for it?
    Thank you – to all all and anyone who answers me.

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    Hello, sorry for the delay. The plugin is free however we will be offering “extensions” that expand the functionality of the plugin which you pay for.



    Here is a quick fix:

    $FSREPSearch is set to ā€œSā€. $FSREPSearch is fine until line 147 of define.php at which point it gets set to the value of $FSREPSearch[‘query’]. Commenting out line 147 of define.php fixes search for me.

    so to be short:

    -Open define.php of the firestorm plugin.
    -go to line 147
    -remove this line : if (isset($FSREPSearch[‘query’])) { $FSREPSearch = $FSREPSearch[‘query’]; }
    -save the file
    – Search works!

    Kind regards,

    APR Webdesign

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