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    it seems FireStorm himself is active here, and since the official site’s forums are down I thought I’d post here.
    I’m posting to ask a few questions and point out some stuff:

    1. Is the Price (DESC) sorting option broken? I’m installing a new site and only have 3 test properties but sorting them by price (descending) definately not sorts them properly (I get the highest-priced at the second place). see here:

    1b. Are there plans for more sorting options? If not, could I be pointed to the files where I could hack/code it?

    2. Will/could there be a feature for adding Custom Fields that can be visible only by the admins?

    3. Is there a shortcode to display something like the search widget, but in a page?

    4. I’ve coded a hack that hides the Country option in the sidebar search widget. It then executes some ajax code to select the first country in the list, and so when the page is loaded the State option is automatically populated with the states of the first country. This is meant for sites that only have properties in one country, saving the hassle of having to select it in the search.
    I also made some extra options in the search widget (besides the title): hide/show the country as described above, hide/show price in the search, and an extra “description” text.
    The point: if someone is interested (FireStorm included here) I can release my code

    that’s it for now. Thanks for this great plugin!

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  • as for my question no. 2, I’ve already coded it myself.

    FireStorm author: would you like me to give you my files? perhaps by creating a ‘diff’ you could officially integrate my changes into the plugin, this way you’ll have them already and I’ll be saved the hassle of having an unofficial branch (a pain to update for me)

    feels like talking alone here, but anyway

    as for my question no. 1, I’ve solved it as well.
    problem is, listing_price_num is set to accept a value with a max length of 10 and I’m using much higher numbers (prices are in 100’s of millions, that’s the currency like in the country I’m making this website for).
    so even if listing_price was being set with its values correct, listing_price_num was being set with its maximum possible value of 99999999.99. therefore, sorting those values was faulty.
    I’ve solved it by editing the max possible length of listing_price_num, setting it to 14 instead of 10 (edited both my in-use mySQL table, and the fsrep_install_sql.php file).

    and as for my question no. 1b, I’m already creating my custom sorting options as well (learned this by fixing my sorting problem)

    now all I need to know (for now) is how I could embed a search form in the body of a page, instead of having it as a widget in the sidebar. but I guess I’ll figure it out myself 🙂

    another bug I’ve fixed:
    in the search form, if you change the country the province list is reset. however, the city list stays as is.
    On my end, now when you change the country the city list gets reset along with the province list.

    there doesn’t seem to be a place to submi bugfixes around here though.

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Hi, our forums is currently down but we suggest our plugin users submit support tickets here:

    Thanks for the list of issues you encountered. I will make the needed changes into the next update so you don’t have to worry about modifying the code after every update.

    If you want, you can always list all your suggestions in the support ticket as well.



    Well I’m not only listing the issues I’ve encountered. I’m on a tight deadline so I’m fixing the bugs I encounter and add the features I need as I go.
    I’m offering you the code for all the things I’m fixing, and the stuff I’m adding

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Thanks for the offer. We like to do all the coding in-house however.

    how did you fix the sorting issue? When I try click to sort by, it actually opens the About page instead of sorting the listings. I need to have it default to sort by Acreage which is a custom field so just wondering since the sorting is not working anymore since I updated to the latest version 2.06.10

    Hmm…I am wondering if the author of the Firestorm plugin has ditched the plugin and support for it? I need to know so I can search for a different plugin where I can get support for it. I wouldn’t mind paying for it and then he can get some money for support but there was no response from my support ticket from about a month ago. Does anyone know the status of the plugin and author?

    no idea, I don’t really need updates or support anymore as the site I coded with it works with everything I need.
    at the time I started this project I couldn’t find a better plugin than this though. not sure if you’ll find something better now.

    as for the sorting issue, I can’t remember exactly because I pretty much rewrote the sorting functions because I needed much more options. all I remember now is it involved some pretty complex SQL queries

    good luck!

    Any idea how to display the search widget on the page?

    Hi Chosker

    I hope you do not mind me asking for your help as the authors of this plugin are not responding to me, I have a couple of issues that I am really stuck on.

    I need to reduce the price filter to start at 100 and ending 1000.

    Could you tell me how to do this? Also I do not need to have the country filter as all of the listings on my website will be in the UK.

    Here is my site to help you understand

    Thank you

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Hello, I apologize for the delay. I have been busy finalizing the PRO version of the plugin. The PRO version allows you to modify the price filter. It also allows you to set a default country so it does not show up in the search widget.

    Ok – do you have any idea when and if you might release the pro version and how much it will cost? We certainly appreciate it and you are on a great roll with this plugin.

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Within the next couple weeks. The cost will be $60.

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