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    I have installed Firestorm Plugin for my Realestate site.
    Everything is working fine. But I actually want some more. My Real Estate Listings are displaying fine, but I want to categorize my lists which shall be dropdown select options and clicking each select option that separate page shall open .
    1. Commercial Properties
    2. Residential Properties
    3. Rental Properties
    4. Vacant Land

    So when I shall click Commercial Properties the Commercial Properties listing page shall open and so on.

    I have tried heard in the Real Estate Settings options. But I can not do it.
    So can anyone please help me to sort it out?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can accomplish this with the Filters page in the Dashboard of your site.

    You can create a Custom Field called “Property Type” and have your four options. You then create a Filter for one specific property type. The Filter will provide you with a short code you can add to a page to only show listings that meet that Filter’s specifications.

    We hope to create a YouTube video to better describe this process.

    Let me know if you have any trouble.

    I’ve tried this and it’s not working for me so I know I’m doing something wrong. I create a Custom Field called “Property Type” in the Custom Fields page of the Dashboard. I then created 4 options, Homes for Sale, Homes for Rent, Open Houses, Land for Sale. I then went into each listing and checked off one of the four options and updated each property. I went back and created 4 filters, one for each option (i.e., the Homes for Sale filter is [fsrep-filter-7]. I went and added that shortcode to the Homes for Sale page. And this is what I get:

    Can you tell what I’ve done wrong? The listings are showing up multiple times and there is a huge map on the page. Am I supposed to create a custom field within the WordPress page or through your plugin?


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    Hi Erin,

    What type of custom field are you using? Is it a select box or checkbox?


    It is very easy I found it . Just to activate the Firestorm widget in each pages and the process as told Firestorm Plugins Member. But since I am doing it in wordpress blog it is easy to do it. Now I have to find if I could install it in my separate html page. Thanks Member.
    You can see my developed blog

    I am using a select box. Should I use a checkbox instead?


    I switched to a check box but that didn’t make a difference 🙂

    Here is the code that I’m adding to the Homes for Sale page:
    [fsrep-filter-7 type=”country” map=”no” value=”1″]

    I assume I’m messing up with the shortcode. I have the page set to the default template with no custom field. Should I add a custom field for that particular page in addition to the filter I have set up to list only the homes for sale (versus homes for rent, land for sale, etc.)?

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    Hi, sorry for the delay. Custom Filters do not support the type, map and value settings. Short Codes you create do support those options. You will need to type the filter as “[fsrep-filter-7]”

    I will add an update soon to allow this option.

    I’m following up someone else’s work so I can’t post website.
    However, I did everything above–created custom field Property Type, then 5 custom filters, then posted shortcode [fsrep-filter-7]. I still get same returns with each discrete filter, and each filter is used on a separate page (residential, commercial, industrial). Plug-in is activated. I also tried variations, such as [fsrep-filter-7 type=”all” map=”yes” value=”5] and [fsrep-filtertype=”all” map=”yes” value=”5] and [fsrep-filter type=”country” map=”yes”] just because I was desperate. Nothing works! Any ideas?
    I’m running WP 3.4.2 and Firestorm 2.06.08.

    Hi ddaba,

    I have just done this and it works, silly question but did you select each “Property Type” when you created the filter also I assume you are using the correct [fsrep-filter- number and not just [fsrep-filter-7].

    Yes. For example, [fsrep-filter-1] has Property Type: Office under Filter Values.

    ID Filter Name Show Map Filter Values
    X [fsrep-filter-1] Yes Property Type: Office
    X [fsrep-filter-7] Yes Property Type: Industrial
    X [fsrep-filter-9] Yes Property Type: Other
    X [fsrep-filter-12] Yes Property Type: Residential
    X [fsrep-filter-13] Land Yes Property Type: Land
    X [fsrep-filter-10] Retail Yes Property Type: Retail

    And each page (Office, Industrial, Residential, etc.) lists a filter keyed to the property type. I also went in to make sure each listing had the correct property type, and each one does.
    This was initially done by someone with a lot of experience in WP and who has used the FireStorm plug-in before. I found that he had tried multiple ways to get it to work, too.
    I also tried to deactivate, then reactivate the plug-in. That didn’t work either.

    sorry, it works as it should on mine, the only difference I can see is I am using wordpress 3.5 I do not have any other plug-ins, not that I think that is it a conflict but other plug-ins seems to be the standard thing to blame !

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