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  • I have same problem images not uploading.. anyone found a solution?



    It does work with 3.4.1 Don’t expect any support though. I think your problem might be with your host. What are the errors you are having?

    One of my clients is having issues with this plugin, cities dropdown on listing page specifically. If you add “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);” to your wp-config.php file, you’ll see there are piles of warnings and a few sql syntax errors (having to do with cities). While I’m only attempting to address the SQL syntax errors, some of the deprecation warnings are for items that were deprecated in WP version 2.0! (2.0 came out in 2005). FYI – the reason the cities dropdown is empty is because the function “fsrep_print_admin_selectbox” is passing empty string for $options instead of an array of city names. I’m digging through it now, but it would be much appreciated if the author could address it.



    I spent the last month decipher this plugin myself. There is a lot of issues. It’s seems to be a mashup of code snippets by the author of this plugin and not built from the ground up. I must say I haven’t encountered the errors you are getting.

    As programmers we can bite through it and resolve the issues but for the person who has limited knowledge of PHP I can understand their frustration.

    I have been trying to get some answers from the author but nothing so far. I have fixed a lot of the issues myself but after this project I think I will create my own from the ground up. It’s getting closer to ditching this plugin.

    Is your client using the latest update?

    Yes, he’s using the latest and so am I. Turn on WP_DEBUG and you’ll see the errors and warnings (I’m running WP 3.4.1).



    @scriptrunner: Yes, I see errors in debug mode, however, it does not affect the area. On the listings page I get a WP deprecated error that is within the template I use. This template was inherited so I haven’t updated it with the fixes yet. I don’t get the errors you are talking about though. Can you send me a screen shot.

    I would suggest using PHP 5.3+ and not 5.4+ did your SQL mods fix the empty string?
    What version of MySQL are you using?

    PHP: 5.3.8, MySQL: 5.1.55

    You can see SQL syntax error on INSERT (I was trying to add city2) and on the right (cutoff), is a SQL syntax error on a SELECT.

    The INSERT error was due to missing province_id and there was no quotes around the value (or no value in this case). The select is similar, it’s trying to do a SELECT something where province_id= (nothing). I worked around that as well. However, the empty city/province dropdown is caused by sending empty string to “fsrep_print_admin_selectbox” function for param that should be an array of values to build out the dropdown. This case it’s simply a hard coded empty string (”), not an empty variable. The countries dropdown uses “fsrep_get_countries” to populate it, but I don’t see a corresponding function for state/province, and as I said, ” is being sent instead for cities/provinces, which is why that dropdown is empty.

    Screenshot (Ignore Site Title of WordPress 3.3.1, it’s actually running 3.4.1 – I used to run multiple instances of WordPresses for testing, I just updated this to latest).

    Here’s a screenshot of the SELECT errors:


    According to their site, looks like the best way to get support is to create a ticket there (which I have not done):

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Hello, I apologize for the delays in support. We have recently moved to a new location and are undergoing expansion to better support our WordPress plugins. It is better to use the link by scriptrunner to receive support via our support ticket system.

    The errors above should be resolved in the next version (2.05). Please let me know if you get any errors after the update so I can expedite another update to resolve the errors.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Thanks, Wes!



    Hi the issue im having is that once you add a listing, when you go and edit it, the listing info is blank. So in essence im unable to add additional pictures or change the content once its added.

    Im using the latest version as well Wp 3.4.1. I’ve even disabled all my plugins to see if theres a conflict, which is usually the case with WP. but no luck.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Plugin Author FireStorm Plugins


    Hi, I will reply to your other post on the forums to keep these topics separated.

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