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    This is a fantastic plugin, there are a few shortcomings that I’m grappling with:

    – The image management is a real pain. Why not just implement WordPress’s built-in image upload & feature image? I’d like to just drop a gallery in the Listing description area and easily select which is the “Featured Image.” Currently it is a real annoyance to have to upload each image one at a time and not be able to re-order them. Same applies for documents.

    – Add a multiple select option for fields. Currently I have to use checkboxes and the styles make the UI confusing when there are many checkboxes (I suppose re-writing the Admin area CSS would solve that).

    – Give better feedback on errors for “required fields”. It drives me nuts that sometimes I can’t add a listing because it is missing a “required field” but I don’t know WHAT is required that I skipped.

    – Allow determining which custom fields are required

    – Allow setting default values for custom fields.

    – Allow setting default country/state/city. I only deal with listing in one city – heck, one zip code – so I had to go in the database and delete all the other countries & provinces. Now I still have to wait for AJAX to load the state dropdown when I pick my country, then the city dropdown when I pick the state. Only then can I choose my city. I think 99% of users won’t need the ability to choose multiple countries & states. Give the option to set a default global one.

    Those are my suggestions. Congrats on having, hands-down, the best FREE real estate plugin out there. Implement my suggestions and I’ll buy it!

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  • RE: my 3rd feature request. In includes/admin_listings.php replace lines #271-274 //CHECK REQUIRED FIELDS with this:

    	if ($_POST['listing_label'] == '') {
    		$RegisterFormError = 'Please fill in all required fields. Missing Listing Label.';
    	} elseif ($_POST['listing_price'] == '') {
    		$RegisterFormError = 'Please fill in all required fields. Missing Listing Price';
    	} elseif ($_POST['listing_address_number'] == '') {
    		$RegisterFormError = 'Please fill in all required fields. Missing Listing Address Number';
    	} elseif ($_POST['listing_address_postal'] == '') {
    		$RegisterFormError = 'Please fill in all required fields Missing Listing Zipcode.';

    RE: my 1st feature request.

    I just realized by looking at your DB tables that you aren’t using WP’s custom post type functionality at all. So that is why you had to build your own image upload/management processes.

    You’d have to do a complete re-write of your plugin to use WP’s newer image management features like featured image, custom thumbnail sizes, galleries, and menu order.

    Guess that won’t happen any time soon.

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    Thanks for your feedback. I understand the issues mentioned and we have received other inquiries saying the same. The next update won’t have the fixes for the images however it is something I am looking into.

    We try to have the plugin run separate from the WordPress system so posts are separated from listings so users can still have a separate blog without it mixing with listings. I assume we should still be able to use the multiple image upload system however which we plan to add in soon. I added your other requests for future updates.

    We will be adding custom field support sometime soon as well.

    Thanks again for the feedback!


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