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    Thanks for asking, @li-an – I hope I’ll be able to release a WP3.5-compatible version before 3.5 final comes out.

    A lot of things have been changed in the media management visual interfaces, but the underlying system is still pretty much the same.

    I just have to figure out how to reconnect File Gallery and tinyMCE, everything else looks OK (I’ve also converted attachment custom fields into a metabox on attachment editing screens). As far as I can tell, a lot of JavaScript stuff in the media management area has been converted to Backbone views and Underscore, and I’m really not familiar with those two. But I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult 🙂

    Thank you for these informations. I hope you will manage it as File Gallery is one of my favorites plugins 🙂

    Hi Aesqe,

    I am testing the current 3.5-RC1-22913 build, and unfortunately some things are broken.

    – When the File Gallery plugin is active, uploads made through the WP uploader fail (“An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”).

    – In the new uploader interface, the “Media Library” panel shows nothing.

    Those issues don’t appear when the File Gallery is disabled, so there has to be some conflict somewhere.

    That’s unfortunate, because the File Gallery plugin would be a solution for one feature that has been removed from the WP uploader: being able to change the order of attached files.

    I would love to see 3.5 support and have some ideas on this front.
    I am not experiencing the issues described above using RC3.
    the new media modals are great in many ways but i am already missing the features file gallery brought to the table whilst using the current RC.
    the ‘attach all checked to post’ functionality, duplicate filtering etc.
    have been having a nose at the new Backbone setup, and whilst not familiar with these libraries they look to be fairly extensible.
    would love to help with development if can either with code contribution or just beta-testing. Let me know if i can help support this great plugin.

    Good news: I just tested File Gallery, with the current 3.5-RC3-23093, and the issues described above disappeared, it’s working fine again.

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    just FYI: there’s a couple things that don’t quite work in 3.5 (attachment custom fields on single media item page, for example), so I’ll be releasing an update today.

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    v1.7.6 is out, please test with WordPress 3.5 – thank you! 🙂

    Nope, the issue still appears. 🙁

    I saw only one problem with 1.7.6 and WP 3.5: I cannot upload files directly in File Gallery zone. It blinks – on a test blog, no other plugin, default theme.

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @li-an: yeah, I’ve noticed :/ will fix it for v1.7.8

    Hello – been using FG for years now. How can i attach all checked images to the post without inserting them into the post text? I’ve always avoided using the short code in the text area.

    best, Dan.

    Any news of progress on 1.7.8?

    I love FG, but the latest WordPress update has really screwed with it. I have huge numbers of duplicate images showing on the Insert Media page -most of them seem to be (virtual?)copies made by FG to attach to multiple posts. I can’t see any way of identifying which was the original version as they all have the same file name.

    Ever since the latest WP update I’ve not been able to work out how to get FG to attach an image to a post, apart from as jynk mentioned above, having to actually insert the html into the post first. In many ways, it looks like FG may be redundant 🙁 However, if I disable and remove it I’m concerned about the impact on my existing posts.

    As I said, I love FG andt I do like being able to easily see what images are attached to any given post, so I’m not ready to give up on it yet! Keep up the good work!

    There will be no impact on existing posts if you disable FG – If you are afraid of doing so, just save your database before desactivating it.

    Thanks Li-An, I’m hoping Bruno will post an update soon. It looks like a big change, so I understand it’ll take a while to sort out.

    Unfortunately it seems that even if you add existing images to a post and save it, this still will not attach those images to that post.

    Since the WordPress update, I have not found any way to attach existing images to a post, which is the main reason why I use this plugin.

    Has anyone else?

    I too hope there is an update being worked on to rectify this as File Gallery was the only plugin available with this extremely handy feature and I miss it already!

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