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    I love the plugin, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Trying to adapt existing pages with slipshod thumbnail attachments into a proper gallery.

    I’m using the simple template with do nothing, when clicked, so the images change with the transitions. I’m trying to get an 80% width, with the thumbnails below the main image being shown, instead of the smaller side-by-side at the moment. It may be me, but changing the columns doesn’t seem to do anything, except cause empty spaces in some of the thumbnails.

    By tweaking the CSS, I have the thumbnails showing up under the main image, and the width to 80%, but the quality of the image is just that of it being resized and blurry, despite me having thumbnail, medium, or full in the settings.

    Any advice on how to make them the requisite quality would be great, and my work will be done.

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  • Plugin Author Aesqe


    @dtimekeeper: image size for the bigger image is set in the template file itself, as it’s non standard behavior to have more than two image sizes in a gallery (one for thumbnail links, the other for linked images).

    “Simple” template is there merely to show what can be accomplished with File Gallery templates and a little bit of JavaScript 🙂

    I think the best advice I can give you is to make a copy of the simple template in your theme directory and then change the string ‘medium’ at the end of line 4 in the gallery.php file (“$intermediate_size = wp_get_attachment_image_src($attachment->ID, ‘medium’);”) to ‘large’ or ‘full’ or some other custom image size.

    Here’s a copy/paste from a mail on how to make a copy of the template that I’ve sent to another person asking about a similar thing today:

    1) create a subdirectory named “file-gallery-templates” in your theme directory, and then copy the whole “simple” template directory into it. Rename that copy of the “simple” directory to something else, like “simple-custom”.

    2) open the “style.css” file and replace all occurences of “.gallery.simple” with “.gallery.simple-custom” (or anything else you choose to name the new template)

    3) still in the style.css file, change the value “50%” to “100%” on line 56 – that should place the bigger image before the thumbnails.

    4) play with the percentage values on line 73 of the css file – that sets the width of the thumbnails

    Please do reply here if you have more questions 😉

    Thank you!! – Changing the variable in the php file did it! Please disregard that ‘other’ email as well, I actually did both, not knowing which one you tend to reply to faster.

    I have honestly tried most galleries out there, and they did not do what I wanted, namely, a way to import existing media library images and to put them in a very simple, but ajax/flashy transition layout that allowed for customization, but yours fit it perfectly.

    Thank you again!

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