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  • First let me give props for a great plugin. It’s elegant and functional.

    There seems to be an issue with captions however. I’m trying to insert images and I want them captioned. I’m also an trying to set the title the same as the caption so it shows up as a caption when opened in a Lightbox overlay (not sure why LB can’t read the regular caption info).

    Problem is that whether caption or title, the settings in the default media uploader do not seem to cross over to File Gallery. For example. Captions I have previously assigned to a file in the default uploader do show now up with File Gallery and visa versa.

    This means that to get what I need I have to manually insert the caption on the image in File Gallery, but then I have to open the same image in using the default method and add the title. This wastes a lot of time and causes confusion.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design, but it would sure be nice if a caption added in one place would show up in the other.

    Keep up the great work… Gav

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  • Plugin Author Aesqe


    @ventrilqstman: fortunately, this is, by design, impossible 🙂

    What you’re experiencing could only happen if you were editing an “original” attachment and then looking for changes in one of its copies, or vice versa.

    See here for clarification:

    Try disabling the “Filter out duplicate attachments (copies) when browsing media library?” option on the media settings page – then you’ll be able to browse all attachments (including copies) using the WordPress media library interface.

    As always, I could be absolutely wrong about this, so please let me know if any or all of the above does not hold its ground 🙂

    And thank you for the compliments 😉

    Hi Aesqe, thanks for the response. These are not copies however, but original uploads images within their original post. I just checked to be sure this was still happening. I can have uploaded a photo to a post. Click that photo in the same post (with std media popup), add a caption and even insert into the post from there and the caption will show up as normal.

    If however I scroll down and select that same photo in File Gallery it contains none of the captions or file name information I added. And if I insert that file via FG with “Display Caption” checked, it includes no caption because to FG there is no caption on that file.

    It’s the same files in the same post. File gallery just doe not seem to recognize the caption. On the same note, if I add the caption via FG, the std media popup does not recognize it.


    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @ventrilqstman: this is quite an odd behavior, as File Gallery doesn’t have any database of its own, so if the data is shown in one place and not the other, then it’s a mystery to me 😐

    are you by any chance using any caching plugins, like W3 Total Cache, for example?

    Odd. I am using AskApache Crazy Cache and Quick Cache. Though inserting via the media manager works just fine. I don’t believe it’s a caching issue.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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