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    Hello Aesqe, sorry for one more question.

    It seems there is some JS bug when inserting GALLERY / SINGLE FILE via Internet Explorer administration. The shorcode(s) are always inserted on the TOP of edit window. Both for 1.7-RC2 and OLDER version{s) of FG. A don’t use IE, so I did not notice it yet…

    IE8 – ERROR
    Chrome 10+ OK
    FF3.6+ OK
    Opera 11+ OK

    I am afraid the IE is unfortunately still quite popular browser….
    Are you able to reproduce this behaviour?

    Cheers, Joo

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  • Plugin Author Aesqe


    @joo-joo: I’ve been able to reproduce it, thanks for catching it! 🙂

    I’ll fix it before 1.7 is out (should by out on Monday).

    Hello Aesqe,
    do you have any idea, when the IE bug could be repaired?

    I must say this error is really big problem for people insisting on using of Internet Explorer. Just now I am considering temporary uninstall FG from a site developed for one of my friends.

    Sorry, but it is really very strange all the time to move the shortcode “by hand” to proper place in HTML mode. I understand it is not your priority, other browsers are OK.

    I am a bit surprised it seems nobody knows (i.e. has posted) a solution of that.

    With best regards, Joo

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @joo-joo: I’m currently not able to spend any time developing File Gallery. I’ve asked for another developer’s help and I hope we’ll get it fixed soon.

    The thing is – it should be working, as File Gallery’s javascript makes a clean call to the function the same way WP does. I’m sorry this bug has been present this long, I really hope we’ll be able to check it in as fixed soon.

    My apologies :/

    That’s OK, I really understand it – everybody feels a shortage of time.

    What is surprising me, according the recent surveys (2011/04) the IE is used by 24% of people. I cannot imagine myself to use FG with this bug under IE. Looking for a new version!
    With regards, Joo

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @joo-joo: should be fixed in v1.7-RC5, so please test it out. Download from here

    Thanks! 🙂

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    should also be fixed in v1.6.5.5, which is available from yesterday as a bugfix release

    Hello Aesqe,
    sorry, but I have a problem with new version (both the and RC5):

    Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
    Line: 23, Char: 5, Code: 0
    (Internet Explorer 8.0)

    This message is probably the reason why the whole “FG area” looks like an “empty box” instead of standard FG menu, thumbnails container, etc. In the FireFox4.x is everything OK.

    With regards, Joo

    (The warnings source is file-gallery.js)

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @joo-joo: does it happen on each page load in the admin or…?

    I wasn’t able to reproduce it in default IE8 installation, IETester IE8, or Xenocode’s standalone IE8 😐

    Can you post a list of all the plugins you have activated? You can e-mail me as well.


    Aesqe, it is very strange.
    The test environment is WP3.0.1, Twenty Ten theme and all the plugins disabled. Probably the old version of WP is the culprit… Yes, the same behaviour both on all pages and posts.

    It still seems like this line is causing the problem:
    return $.access( this, name, value, true, $.attr );

    About a week I will be offline (vacancies), then I am planning to upgrade WP, anyway and look at it again. If I am the only person with this problem, the cause must be on my side.

    Thanks for your time, with regards Joo.

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    It is my fault, I forgot to copy the access function from latest jQuery.

    I’ve pushed v1.6.5.6 to the repository, it is available for download as I’m writing this.

    My apologies 😐

    Hello Aesqe,
    WP3.2.1 + 1.7-RC10: IE8+ – everything is OK.
    (Attachments sorting, copy of Custom Fields – it works nice, too).

    Just marginal notice – “Simple template” has some troubles with IE8+ (you can see it on your site, too:

    The first click on thumbnail is OK (detail is loaded), but next ones usually end by showing “loading.gif” endlessly… (FF, Chrome, Opera – OK)

    With regards, Joo

    Joo-joo and Aesque
    I’m getting the ie problem with the simple template too – the loading.gif just hangs when I click and I don’t get the larger image apeparing on the lhs.

    Interestingly this dones’t happen on your site… BUT i’ve noticed you’re using 1.7-RC10 on your site whereas the one to download on WP is

    Should I be using a newer version? Where do I get it?


    Hello trixienolix,
    the plugin’s versions you can find under “Other Versions” link

    I think the problem is with new jQuery syntax versus WP3.2+, but I am afraid Aesque is short of time for revision of that… Nevertheless, the problem is still present in the combination I mentioned above. Neither FireBug nor IE-development tool return some errors, so for people with limited knowledge of JavaScript (like me 🙁 it is problem to debug it.

    Good luck, Joo

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    If anyone else is having trouble with the Simple template, please report them in this thread here: [Plugin: File Gallery] Simple template not work...

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