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  • I try everything but there is no way to get rel=”some-gallery” in output of my template file.

    This is the code I use:
    <?php echo file_gallery_shortcode(array('size'=>'thumbnail', 'link' => 'file', 'link_size' => 'full', 'linkclass' => 'thickbox', 'columns' => '6', 'rel' => true)); ?>

    Rel attribute only work when gallery is inserted into the post text editor.

    I’m using FileGallery v1.6.5.3

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • @revolter: indeed it’s a bug and I’ve been able to fix it. I’ll be releasing an update tomorrow. Thanks for reporting this 🙂

    rel value is calculated via linkclass by default. if you want to have a custom rel value not influenced by the linkclass, then you’ll have to use one of these two filters:

    * file_gallery_lightboxes_options – you can modify lightbox-specific options via this one
    * file_gallery_lightbox_linkrel – this one will return you the current rel value for each attachment so you can modify it to suit your needs

    both filters are documented in the help file, but feel free to post any questions here 🙂

    @revolter: please try the latest development version (1.6.6-beta) and see if it works for you:

    thanks for waiting 😉


    with this beta version I get rel tag like this rel=”thickbox[1]” but this will not load group images together with previous and next links.

    I think that Thickbox group gallery listing works only with rel attribute like this rel=”thickbox-1″ or something similar, but without “[ ]”…

    So now, the problem is only to replace this symbols “[ ]”

    Hope, this is not a big bug!


    I try to put a filter * lightboxes_options you suggested above but with colorbox and it works. As a matter of fact there are rel attribute rel=”colorbox[1]” with symbols “[ ]” but this is not problem for ColorBox.

    This is even better for me because I have rather Colorbox than Thickbox which is no longer supported.

    Tnx, for advice!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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