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  • Hello, I’ve tried to have the plugin working, but nothing to do. I’ve deactivate any other plugin that could make a mess with this one but, again, it does not work for me. Is there any known issue or conflict?
    Because I’ve followed the help provided but my pages don’t show any gallery 🙁

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  • Plugin Author Aesqe


    @tamara-it: when you’re on the single post editing screen, do you see the File Gallery metabox with thumbnails of pictures attached to that post?

    If yes, please check that on WordPress media settings page, the very first File Gallery option – “Disable ‘File Gallery’ handling of [gallery] shortcode?” – is not checked.

    If you don’t see the File Gallery metabox, please check if it’s enabled via Screen options tab (right top of the page).

    Thanks; the plugin works now. There must be some strange conflict with the lighbox gallery plugin (if I activate this one after File Gallery, nothing is displayed).
    My aim was to have File Gallery showing the full images in some kind of lightbox but it seems that they don’t get along together 🙂

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @tamara-it: you can display gallery images in a lightbox easily using File Gallery.

    WordPress comes with Thickbox included – it is a bit dated by today’s standards, but works just fine.

    When inserting a gallery, just set the link class to ‘thickbox’ (without quotes) and, if it’s not already there, also add ‘thickbox’ under ‘Auto enqueue lightbox scripts for which link classes (separate with commas)?’ option on the media settings screen – and that’s it 🙂

    I’ll add a section about it in the help file, but here’s how lightbox support is implemented in File Gallery:

    1) register your lightbox script in WordPress (or install a plugin of it)
    2) that same script name you used to register lightbox with WP, add it to the ‘Auto enqueue lightbox scripts for which link classes (separate with commas)?’ option field
    3) use that same script name as link class in your gallery
    4) File Gallery will try to enqueue that script automatically

    I’ll still have to implement support for a variety of lightbox scripts, but the basic support is there for most of them.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    I can’t get the plugin to work and I’d like more clarification. When I look at source or html view, I see this:

    [gallery link="file"]

    I know how to use the style sheet, but how, exactly do I change this line — if it is this line, to make lightbox or thickbox or greybox work? Can you provide an example?

    I found the found the “link class” box in the File Gallery section the bottom of the insertion page, and changed it, then added “thickbox to the media settings as described, but still no thickbox effect.
    What “lightbox” type scripts are recommended if I tried another?

    I did have to add thickbox in media setting as described above.
    Then I found the correct “link class” box for thickbox on the insert page, in the File Gallery section (way down below).

    In the File Gallery section, I clicked the tab buttons opposite the “a gallery” and “single files” buttons (just above the image thumbnails), which drops down the additional options I hadn’t seen before.

    This is a nice plugin. I understand why it has a high rating, now that I’ve found my way around.

    Plugin Author Aesqe


    @llprice: I’m glad you’ve found your way around 🙂

    There are a few bugs regarding my options system, and sometimes the default options override those already – I hope to have that fixed for both old and new users soon.

    The manual is a bit outdated too, but I hope I’ll be able to do something about it in the following weeks.

    Hi – great work on one of the most useful wordpress plugins. I am trying to call it from the page template using:
    echo do_shortcode('[gallery size="Slide" link="none" template="slideshow-plain"]');
    which works fine when I manually call the .js script from the footer. Is it true that it doesnt automatically enqueue the script if it is used within the page template?

    I ask because on other pages, the order of the scripts causes an issue with shadowbox, which must be enqueued before this. As shadowbox also dynamically adds itself to the footer I cannot control where I paste the call to the js script for this.

    I believe if I could have it automatically enqueue like it would if I pasted the shortcode within the editor then it would work. It would also mean the script would only enqueue on the relevant pages, rather than occur in the footer of all pages if I paste it there.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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