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  • Our situation:
    we are using this plugin to get news items from our main site (rss feed/xml file) to our blog and this works great, the plugin makes a lot of things simpler.
    But news items are removed from our main site after some time, and thus it is also not available in the rss feed/xml file and that’s where I am having issues because even if we remove the news item it is not removed from our blog, we have to remove that particular news item (wordpress post) manually .

    I would like to know the following; is it possible that the FeedWordpress plugin automatically removes news items (posts) that are unavailable (as they are also unavailable in the rss feed/xml file)?

    So to be clear, I don’t want FeedWordpress to remove the whole feed, the feed shows for example the latest 30 news items, after some time, one news item is removed from our main site (let’s say we remove the latest most recent news item for whatever reason). I would like to see that FeedWordpress after checking the rss feed, notices that the latest news item in the rss feed is unavalaible and thus it will remove it from the blog.


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    Nobody? Any help is appreciated 🙂

    +1 subscribing… Any luck?

    Looking for same solution, tried to contact some developers but no luck…

    also tried content “scheduler” with default expiration time, but it doesn’t work properly..

    You can try “Auto Prune Posts by Ramon Fincken” it can remove all posts older then X time… until we find the solution.

    There is a plugin available with remove posts that are not in the feed anymore, but it’s not free:

    Please let me know if you find any solution.


    @ 3×7, thanx for the tip about the datafeedplugin and ‘auto prune posts’.

    No, not really. Still no solution and still manually deleting post, I also contacted the developer, but never recieved a reaction. I will keep you updated if I find a solution, but in the meantime I hope the developer will see our question/request and implement it!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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