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  • There is a problem with this plugin.
    Links page (wp link-manager in admin) and feeds added via Syndication page are connected/mixed so that you if you do not want to get a feed from site X it will be also removed from the links list in my link-manager page and will not show up in “Links” box at my sites front page.

    1) I have a site A on my “links” page but this site has no feed.
    2) I have a site B on my feeds list in my Syndication page but it DO NOT want this URL to show up on my Links box in the sidebar.

    So, if I mark this link B as private, it is removed also from the feeds Syndication page. Why?
    Those must be 2 separate WP features.

    Is there any workarounds for this?

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  • I too have dealt with this problem since upgrading to 2.6.2. By deleting all of my feeds and resyndicating them through FeedWordPress it added them to the Links sections but does not put them into the default Link category (it actually doesn’t put them in any category).

    By leaving the syndication links like that, they do not display in the blogroll (or links list) but still stay active in the syndication page. And yes, if you move the links into a different category or mark them as private they get removed from the syndication page as well.

    I still have the issue with the other sites showing up in the syndicated feeds section with the “No feed assigned” notice but that seems to be merely cosmetic and does not appear to negatively affect the website.

    Hope this helps!

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