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  • Hi,

    I’m interested in FeedWordpress and I have a few quertions about it.

    I would like to know what happenes to the posts that are not in the datafeed anymore? (have beeen in datafeed and are removed)

    I don’t see any option about that…but have seen this option in other datafeed plugins.

    Does it disable them, or delete them also from posts, or it leaves them published?
    If it leaves them published the solution I see would be to create an expiration date custom field and have it updated every time to “todays date, and future time, 00:00 for example”, so when it updates the posts it updated the field to same date and future time, or if it’s gone from datafeed it would leave as is, and the post would expire.

    I managed to get custom field for expiration time, but I don’t know what to put in the VALUE filed to get this working…

    “todays date, future time” and help?
    If it disables the post by itself, then please forget I asked anything

    I believe this would be very helpful to all the users importing posts that needs to be removed after they are removed from datafeed.


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    The today date and time can be also the scheduled time for update if it can be pulled from there?.. not sure..

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    I’ve just found the plugin that can set the default expiration time “Content Scheduler”, it should do the trick…

    Hi, I also need this feature. I have considered using the content scheduler plugin (the idea just came to me in a flash this morning then I read your post! Great minds think alike eh)

    So I can use that but would prefer to have the posts automatically delete/go to draft when they’re no longer in the RSS feed. By using the content scheduler plugin I will have some posts expire before they should be and some not expired long after they should have been.

    If anyone knows a way to make Feedwordpress handle this please let me know, or if the plugin author could consider making this a feature that would be great (happy to make a small financial contribution towards development if that helps 🙂 although the project I’m working on is pro-bono for a non-profit organisation so I don’t have lots of funds available unfortunately)

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    Finally Another software architect that knows what he talking about…

    I totally agree with all your points, and another thing to consider would be that if you delete the post or disable, it would affect the SEO therefore I recommend the move option to “expired” category or hide posts, something like to exclude from search and listing… but to be able to bring people from goggle etc and offer similar posts… working on that now…

    check out this developer, I believe he would be capable of doing this in no-time since he already made a very useful addon plugin for feedwordpress

    Link to my suggestion from 1 week ago about that plugin:

    but no replies yet, will try to reach him over his blog:

    Hopefully we’ll find somebody to help us out..

    Cheers mate,

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