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  • Sorry, but I am not figuring out the correct CSS to change the color of the “Above Input Text”. It looks like the color is coming from your widget from what I can tell. I apologize if I am incorrect. Self taught; learning as I go.

    Site is See where it says “Receive Posts by Email”?

    That is the font I would like to change. I would like to change the color to something more visible and also give it a little room between the “Above” text and the input box.

    Thanks ever so much. I will donate when I can – which is not now; seriously.


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  • Plugin Author WyriHaximus


    Ok just to be clear, you want this?:
    If so just set that text as title and leave the above text empty.

    Yes! That was not what I was thinking but I like it a lot. Much better than what I was thinking and much simpler. It was pretty late when I was trying to do that.

    Thank you!!

    Plugin Author WyriHaximus


    Great, your welcome :).

    P.S. I’ve found that trying to do complicated things late in the evening/night don’t always turnout good :P.


    Could you plzz help me to shift the subscribe button to the right of the text box(where email is to be entered) and to change the button image with what I have ….!! How to do it n whre to change the code for it.. I am sorry if asking something stupid, but I really need your help… Reply SOON

    Plugin Author WyriHaximus


    @dikshav26: Look for the following in the source and put it above the input field:
    $html .= ‘<input id=”‘ . trim($form_id) . ‘_submit” type=”submit” value=”‘ . htmlentities(trim($subscribe_btn)) . ‘” />’;

    found the code and placed it above
    $html .= '<input id="' . trim($form_id) . '_email" name="email" type="text" ';
    and also tried some other options, but it doesn’t appears as I want… former shows button on tof left of textbox none of the options shows the button to the right og the box.. n how to change the button????

    Plugin Author WyriHaximus


    Oops misread what you wanted. Revert to original and wrap them in a div, float them both and add a clear: both; to a div under them.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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