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  • I have multiple plugins all causing the same problem now that I’ve upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. As requested on the individual plugin pages, I have clicked through to leave feedback about the problem. As a result, I’m getting lots of frustrated messages from admins, shutting down my threads and accusing me of posting repeatedly “about the same topic.” Can someone explain to me why this is, and how else I am expected to communicate compatibility problems with multiple plugins?

    I am now very frustrated, as I’m not trying to be a pain; I’m just trying to indicate which plugins are and aren’t working for me with the newest version of WordPress.

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  • esmi


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    You have the problem because you’ve run out of memory! Pretty much any additional plugin that you try to add will trigger the “Out of memory error”. The problem isn’t with the plugins, so there’s no point posting these as plugin issues. It’s with your site. It needs more memory. Or you need to use less plugins or use hosting that allocates more memory.

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