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    Hi. Just downloaded your free plugin, awesome, just what I need. Tried a little, but now I need to know about these features:
    1) No setup parameters allowed for the free version?
    2) It ‘s not possible to duplicate galleries? Very useful for little differences within galleries.
    3) Different setups for different galleries are possible (maybe directly from the shortcode)?
    4) No thumbnails sizes setup for the free version?
    5) Are the layouts all cross-browsers? Arrows next/previous at the top left image popup in the Gallery/Content Popup are odd in IE, right in FF Also the popup has different height from the 2 browsers
    6) The VIEW MORE button is hidden when not onmouseover in Gallery/Content Popup
    7) Are you planning to allow categories for images and get a filterable portfolio/gallery?
    Could you kindly specify what is there or there isn’t of the features above in free/premium plugin version? I have to let the client decide if choosing it asap, thank you.

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  • Hello
    Thank you for your questions
    1) please tell me what you mean as free version has many basic setups
    2) yes correct, the function is not available yet, as we reaper a big bug fixing all other additional functions will be added one by one in a while.
    3) no, the options are general within the same view. Different setup is available in case you use two different views
    4) no, the option is available for the professional version
    5) We can work only with IE last version all other versions are not supported as they don’t have necessary compatibility with modern plugins or websites
    6) Yes this is how the view is designed and programmed
    7) We have such kind of plugin. It’s called Portfolio Gallery butImage Gallery still doesn’t have filtering

    Thank you

    1) General options are only a whole image, not fields, and the options can’t be set at all. Am I wrong?
    3) I have to create many pages for each gallery type (shoes, shirts, toys …) and one geeneral(Products) with ALL these galleries, but views have to be different (with pagination for single galleries and “show all” for the general page). Should I create all double galleries? And I can’t duplicate them … If options should be given inside the shortcodes we can have lots of new possibilities and everything should be fasterand lighter as with a few galleries we could build many different pages. It could be in the premium version, if not possible in the free one.
    5) I’m using IE 11, I think it’s the most recent one and here in Italy is one of the most used browsers.
    6) No way to show it permamently?
    7) I see it but it doesn’t have other features Gallery has 😉 First of all I need to create a project for each product while I simply need an image with 2 rows of description. Products will change very often and I need a very fast way of loading images and text, Gallery is good for it.
    8 ) Lightbox opens double images (2 overlayed windows)and I see it in other sites using Lightbox too. Can’t change effect?
    9) When uploading images for populating galleries, uploading stops and when trying again always double images are uploaded.
    Thank you

    1) General Options are paid, besides that we have many free options
    http://prntscr.com/ci9mob http://prntscr.com/ci9mub plus no limits on number of galleries and images

    3) sow all or pagination are not general options they are separate option every gallery can be customized separately, duplication and other features will be in the future updates as I said in #2 question, we appreciate your care and try to do all as quick as possible, since we can made personal customization for a single user with some extra payment

    5) in this case I offer to drop a message to developer about the issue and we will check it on IE and give a solution info@huge-it.com

    6) again a message to developer with this request and we can make it permanently for you ( but we make additional changes only for pro version users)

    7) the way to add images and other functionality are the same, but if you found some useful features that is missing in Portfolio then, yes probably using gallery is better, just try to create filters using your theme features

    8) probably you have another Lightbox plugin or feature comes from theme, one of them should be disabled

    9) some conflict in your site, just contact us be email

    1) ok, I see.

    3) I need duplication and be able to show the SAME gallery in different ways without creating more galleries: is it actually possible in the premium Gallery and/or Portfolio version?

    5) ok, thanks. I will do it when the site will be online;

    6) I’ll try to do without it, for the moment, thanks.

    7) I see now that Portfolio too allows multiple images upload, I will check better which of the 2 plugins fits better my needs.

    8) Very few plugins installed: only this one regarding images:

    9) I’ll try if error persists using other browsers, or I’ll write when the site will be online.

    Thank you

    3) with the premium version we can make personal customization for you and add duplication button, you can duplicate the gallery change the view and use it with different views. You can’t use all for example, in Content Popup view but with different colors or sizes

    8) please send you page link with the gallery, we will say from where the other lightbox comes

    Thank you

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