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    This plugin adds a (big) text excerpt of the first featured post underneath the featured gallery. That text never changes. And, just under the right corner of the featured gallery, is a large red button with the word featured written on it.

    This only seems to happen when using WP 3.0+

    Any news on a fix, or when a compatible version of this plugin will be released?

    Much thanks! 🙂

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  • For others (that I’ve read here) who are having issues. This other plugin works on WP 3.0.1:

    Thanks for this information. Hope the developer reads this. I want to use this plugin in a customized display, but if it does not run on 3.0.1 – not tested myself yet – I will have to use one like dynamic content gallery, optimized content gallery or Jquery featured content gallery.

    On follow-up of this plugin, I can see that the “Dynamic Content Gallery” also uses moo tools, just like “Featured Content Gallery” so I’m not really sure where the issue could be?

    The only thing I can imagine is a conflict from some other plugin somewhere? (Which I’ve seen mentioned several times on various websites).

    On a side note, I also found out that you cannot use a category named “Featured” for this. It seems “Featured” is being picked up by WP and used. After I removed this plugin, that large featured blurb was still there.

    Instead, make some other category name to use and configure “Featured Content Gallery” to use that category instead.

    Finally, to hide that category from displaying in your navigation, use code that looks like this:

    <?php wp_list_categories('exclude=1,4,12,7,8,10,653&title_li='); ?>

    Where the numbers are the ID’s of the categories you do not wish displayed in the WP navigation.

    I’m going to have to disable all plugins, try “Featured Content Gallery” (FCG) again and then see if a plugin breaks FCG, and which one.

    Personally, it is a bit of a pain in the behind to do.

    You could try Jquery Featured Gallery which is supposed to have been made to prevent Jquery and other type of conflicts. Haven’t tried it yet either. Been to busy trying out other stuff.

    I just tried “Jquery Featured Gallery”

    The way it rotates images is silly (in my opinion), instead of an option to horizontal slide or something like that. It fades out completely. Disappears, causes the enclosing <div> tag to disappear as well. Then it reappears with the next image, but because it removed the previous <div> tag holder, it’s not returned and the image simply covers all the text.

    To fix, you have to specify the same width/height in the div ID style as you did in the image properties when uploading to the plugin.

    Kind of fiddly to use, but it get the job done!

    If only I could figure out how to make it continuously slide horizontally every 5 seconds… Sigh…

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