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  • This is a HORRIBLE plug-in. It has conflicts with SEVERAL other plug-ins, and in EVERY theme I’ve tried it with (6 different themes!) it does not show the images in IE7!

    Fair warning!

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  • We’re sorry that you haven’t had a good experience with the FCG plugin. There is however a very active support forum for the plugin that will help you out with issues you’re having. In regards to conflicts, FCG works perfectly fine with IE7, conflicts only with a few jquery-based plugins, and works with pretty much every theme available for WP.

    Here’s a link to the support forum so you can possibly get your issues resolved:

    Looks good to me…

    I stand by my statement. This plug in is 100% crap.

    The forum response was AMAZING, my FCG appears only if users are not logged in, which is totally cool. It works, causes no apparent conflicts, and it looks to be helping to attract members to my membership site.

    I was so impressed that I send an email to iePlexus (the makers of FCG), and offered to send them my resume to see about working for them. I like working with companies that make excellent products, and I have a diametrically opposite experience with FCG.

    I don’t know the people, had never heard of them before, but the plugin is totally wonderful for my needs, my audience, and my fairly “hot-rodded-up” site.

    I also use it. My viewers use a veriety of browsers from, firefox, lolifox, IE, Opera, Safari and chrome. None have reported any problems viewing it. I am not getting any plug-in errors and along with a new theme, it has increased my viewer ratings as it’s added a certain level of professionalism.

    iePlexus..I fear that as with all products and services, you cannot please everyone. Just be happy that for every complaint there are another 500+ happy customers who you never heard from because they got exactly what they wanted.

    Hi geezerd

    The plugin works great. But, the plugin uses scripts from MooTools. This conflicts with most plugins and theme that use JQuery. You should check the documentation before installing.

    What plugins use JQuery and what is it?

    There are conflicts with some jquery-based plugins, due to the MooTools framework, but this is because of the original gallery script that is used in the plugin. We’ve tried very hard to try and resolve the conflicts but some are impossible. I certainly would love it if the plugin worked with every other plugin, but because of the scripts, this might not be a possibility. Rest assured we will continue to diligently attempt to resolve these conflicts as they arise, and we’ll continue to provide support to all who need it.

    Also, thanks to those who continue to support this plugin and acknowledge our hard work with it. We really appreciate the kind words and it definitely motivates us to continue to improve the plugin for the future, adding more features and functionality. We encourage suggestions for future releases in our support forum. Thanks again!

    This plugin is wonderful. Don’t let old “Geezerds” get you down. He’s just blowing smoke apparently. Is it perfect? No, but what is?

    I have problem in google Chrome

    I like this plugin but it’s conflict with WP Shopping Cart 🙁
    any solution for that?

    chit chat administrator


    I loved the plugin but had to remove it due to conflicts as well. It showed a white box in IE7. I stripped out all other plugins and could not get it to work. Eventually I replaced it with NextGen for a slider pic show on my front page.

    geezerd, I’ve used this thing on several sites without a single problem, and so have hundreds (maybe thousands) of other users. I’ve seen it working fine on literally hundreds of other sites. If it isn’t working for you, your results are not typical.

    jauhari, if you’re talking about the popular WP shopping cart plug-in, that seems to conflict with a lot of things. It isn’t the Featured Content Gallery to blame for that, as the shopping plug-in doesn’t play well with quite a few plug-ins.

    Nice plugin but it does have compatibility issues with some browsers. I’m using it with the iNove theme and it works fine in Firefox 3.x and IE8 but shows only a white box in Chrome, Safari and now Opera 10.

    No, it’s bollocks. Another 6 hours of my life down the drain. 😉

    My advice is try it on a copy of your site, if it doesn’t work, don’t waste time on it, find something similar that works.

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