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  • I’ve got it running on a multi-site install… Activation per site should work just fine.

    I have not tested with Network Activate but if that gives problems, you might want to consider using the excellent plugin to mass-activate for all existing sites (works differently from Network Activate!) and make it auto-activate on new site creation. Effectively this is like activating it site by site but automatically, as if you have done Network Activate 🙂

    RavanH, you seem to be having good success with so maybe you can clarify something for me. I have two questions if you have the time to help:

    1. Is it true that this plugin does NOT change the .htaccess file?

    2. Can you confirm that this is how it is supposed to work…
    After it’s activated and I enter the new feedburner link (like into the field “Redirect my feeds here:”, that existing feeds in other people’s readers (like will automatically show the config that I set up in google adsense -> feeds -> feed ads ?

    I hope #2 is clear..

    Thanks, Ron

    Hi Ron,

    1. Yes, it does NOT change your .htaccess (I’m running WPMU on a Nginx server which means it does not even have a .htaccess)

    2. No idea about this Adsense – Feedburner integration but your ‘old’ feed subscribers will get their feed content (by redirection) from Feedburner so I suppose whatever you are looking for should be possible 🙂

    Yeah, #2 wasn’t a very clear question, more like a brain dump. But I think see what it is doing now. All the old subscribers get the feed_url that I typed in and then feedburner gets to do its magic that I can configure at before it gets to the readers.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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