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  • I’m trying this plugin for the first time today. Seems great! A donation is likely forthcoming.

    One question (or bug?): In my auto responder email, it shows the Name that I entered (this is correct), but the email shown is the email of the form submitters, not of the Webmaster. That is WRONG. The “reply” indeed goes back to the correct webmaster address.

    To be more clear, the auto responder email:
    Should come FROM: Webmaster (
    and be sent TO: <– the person submitting the form

    Instead, the auto responder email says:
    Webmaster ( <– Why is john’s address shown???

    Do I have a setting wrong somewhere, or is this a bug?

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  • All my test I just made worked the way you were expecting.

    Is it possible that john’s address is what you have set in WordPress – General Settings – E-mail address? Because that is what the autoresponder uses for the “from” address.


    Yes, it turns out that is exactly what is happening. (I was re-using some of the same email addresses in my testing and got confused by what I was seeing.) Thanks.

    BUT – I am a bit surprised by this behavior. I would have expected the “Autoresponder E-mail “Reply To” address:” would be used for the auto response email in the “From” field. Seems odd that the user could hit “reply” to the received auto response email and have the reply go back to a different address than the “From” field in the message he is replying to. That’s not typical email behavior. Not sure if there is a strong reason behind this choice/behavior?

    There are people who will (and have) asked for separate “from” and “reply to” addresses. Mostly they can be the same though. I will add a new setting for “Autoresponder E-mail “From” address”.

    I added the new setting “Autoresponder E-mail “From” address”, but did not change the version yet. You can wait until the next version or do a manual reinstall now.

    Replacing files only will save your forms, but I recommend making a backup of your forms.
    You can backup/restore your Fast Secure Contact Form forms and settings using a tool on the contact form settings page.

    Perfect. Thanks, Mike!

    One other comment — not urgent, but something to consider for your next version:

    It seems the “FS Contact Form Options” is misplaced. All my other plugins have their options item listed under “Settings”, while your plugin is the only one that instead has the options under “Plugins”.

    My suggestion, for consistency with many others, would be to call this simply “FS Contact Form” and list it down under “Settings”

    I place the settings in Plugins where Akismet does. Akismet is the most downloaded plugin.

    WP grants this decision to the plugin programmer. One time I tried changing it and the plugin broke so I changed it back.

    I prefer it located in the plugins menu because the settings are associated with a plugin.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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