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  1. bswb97
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm trying to use CSS to set the input fields on variable widths. I'm creating an order form with contact info up top and line items below and I'd like the line items to be shorter.

    I originally had it where the contact info up top was using textareas and the line items were using text. This is a reasonable workaround but I don't like the variable width of textareas, so I'll only use this if I can't fix it via CSS.

    My attempted hack was to create a CSS class called "order":

    width: 50px !important;

    I set the "CSS style for form input fields" to use CSS width so that it would override the columns beneath it.

    Then I added HTML before the input field of
    <table><tr><td class="order">

    (Obviously, I'm using a table for spacing here)

    However, it looks like two DIVs are generated after my class and that's overriding the width. Is there a way to keep the text width longer on field and shorter on the other? I have a feeling I'm close here.

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