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    Si contact form works brilliantly on my sites but I’d like to now extend it.
    On another page I have a list of tasks and dates and a link button enabling a logged in user to volunteer for that task on that date by emailing the co-ordinator. Currently the link is http://…../?page_id=381 to the page containing [si-contact-form form=’3′].
    The source page is a home-written plugin so the php is readily modifiable.
    On form 3 I have two additional fields set for date and a drop-down for task and I would like to pass the date and task from my page in the querystring (or otherwise) to populate these fields or at least pass a text message to pre-populate the message field with ‘I will do x on y’. The logged-in user can then fill in the rest and send the form.
    Can it be done and how please?

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  • This is on the feature list for a future version. It maybe done soon, but I can make no promise on when. I just do this as a hobby in my spare time. Donations can help me afford more time.

    Hey good news I am working on it. 🙂
    It will work on any field type except attachment.

    Done. This modification with FAQ page took approx 8 hours. If everybody who uses it just donated a few $$ I would appreciate it. Thanks – Mike Challis

    See FAQ for usage instructions for query strings.
    Tip: Passing query string parameters to contact form page

    Tip: Passing query string parameters to contact form page

    Wow – thank you. Looks great – I’ll test it shortly.
    My two WordPress sites are for clubs, so also a spare time hobby (day job is and sql server) but I shall talk nicely to the Treasurer about a donation as your Fast Secure Contact Form is proving a great benefit to both.
    Thanks so much.

    Using plus signs for spaces to pass field info in the URL:

    This works for me in Firefox but IE gives me a 404 not found. Any ideas?



    Ooops, figured out my problem but thanks…

    It works brilliantly. Thank you.



    On a similar note, would anyone know if its possible to pre-fill a form using a logged in user’s info without passing in a query string? I’m able to pass data via the query string but I’m hoping to be able to load personal info (address, etc) without having to pass via a query string…

    Awesome plugin!



    Jim, the form will insert a logged in users name and email address, but that is all. Any other form fields would be extra form fields and those are all optional, so I would have no way of knowing where to load personal info (address, etc).



    edit nevermind, lol.

    I’m trying to send query data from a contact form to a site that requires ‘%20’ for spaces and not plus signs. How can I change this?


    in the file si-contact-form.php
    look for line 519:

    if($return == 'array')
          return $posted_data_export;
          return $query_string;

    right before it, add this line:
    $query_string = str_replace('+','%20',$query_string);

    I’d like to prefill the extra fields using php variables or custom fields instead of querystring. Is it possible?

    Excellent plugin!

    Just downloaded it and playing with it to see if it really meets my needs! So far its perfect, however i have a question.

    For the redirect URL i am getting the following:;

    I am trying to create a page to grab the URL via GET and put the data on the screen for the user, however when i use the $_GET[‘var’] in PHP i am only able to output the “from_name” variable. The rest just break.

    Is it posible to make the URL redirect with & and not do the encoding at all? If not how do i transform the URL so i can read it with GET

    Thanks in advance!

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