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  • Hi there,
    This is more of a suggestion and a question more so than a problem.
    I have FSCF installed and it works like a champ, especially paired with the contact form to DB plugin. Running wordpress version 3.3.1 and fscf version 3.1.2

    I’m wondering if it would be possible to trigger a different autoresponder based on which extra field is selected? or the possibility of adding a tag per ex field that could then have a message added to the autoresponder email field.

    Something like
    ex field 1: checkbox, text, whatever
    ex field 1 message: thank you for picking ex field one here’s further details about exfield…

    Then for the autoresponder tags if ex field 1 is selected then you could insert
    [ ex_field_1_message ] and it would put in whatever the message is.

    I would be willing to pay for that feature. Unless of course someone knows of a good plugin or hack that can already do this 🙂

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  • Thanks for the suggestion. The setting you ask for is not available at this time. Even really simple sounding feature take time to make. Although the setting sounds like it can be useful, there is a growing problem of “settings bloat”. For now I can only add it to a desired features list for future updates.


    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the response! This is just my business mind speaking but maybe to avoid adding more settings some people may never use, maybe offer settings like this as a paid add on? I’m not a coding genius by any means so I’m sure theres A LOT of work involved but I know that I’d be willing to spend some money for a feature like that! I know that there are probably other features that are being requested to that would probably work better as paid add ons.The plugin as-is is already fantastic and deserves a full 5 stars, I think anything else is just icing on the cake.

    Just my suggestions. Thank you for the plugin and taking the time to offer support on it as well. Look forward to seeing this feature in an update or as an add on some day.

    I need that feature! Sounds great to me. Still unavailable?

    I am working on a new 4.0 version. Multi-autoresponders might be possible to implement in a add-on but that is still to be considered and implemented.

    P.S., the term ‘Autoresponder’ has been changed to ‘Confirmation email’ in the 4.0 version.

    Awesome Mike, any idea how much that plugin would cost? I know it may take some time but I just want to set it aside now while I have money in the account. lol

    Hi Mike,

    just wonder, if there is a option, that I also get the Autoresponse?

    We have the Version: 3.0.4 running on our site.

    Bc. I would need that, we are raping your contact form as Signup tool for a membership of our Motorspot Organisation.
    So if we will change the autoresponse in any distant or near future, we also will have the real copy of the original… so if anyone changes something in the print of the mail, signs it and return it to us… it would be important for us, to also have the real one 😉

    … dont mind, i got myself confused 😉 the Boss whishes, the slave tryes to make it possible 😉

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