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  • This is not an included feature. Please describe more specifically what this feature would do?

    In my case I’d like to change the background color, something like…

    input {background:#777;}
    input:hover {background:#555;}
    input:focus {background:#333;}

    So it’s grey, and darkens as you hover and darker again when you click in.

    Problem is the plugin writes all the css inline which doesn’t support :hover or :focus states and also takes priority from anything in an external css file.

    I guess an easy solution could be an option not to use any of the plugins css?

    Can I use an external style sheet instead of the inline css in advanced

    External vs. internal it has pros and cons.
    I made it inline because the settings survive plugin upgrades and can be easily tweaked.

    You can bypass the inline style and make your own stylesheet,
    here is how:
    Look in the advanced options where you have the Inline CSS settings.
    Each setting can be changed to a class property if you prefer.
    For example:
    The setting “CSS style for form input fields DIV on the contact form:”
    can be changed from:

    Now you can use the input class of an external stylesheet.

    You can repeat this for each CSS setting if you want.


    Ahh brilliant, sorry, completely missed that!

    Clever way of doing it.

    Thanks, got it all working how I wanted now 🙂

    I did this and it still won’t behave for me.
    url –

    The form in the right navigation.

    Not going to give up!



    I’ve almost got this.
    when I change the plugin setting to: class=”input”
    where do I store the external css.

    “”Now you can use the input class of an external stylesheet.””


    Merlin Mason


    Every theme has it’s own style.css file so you can add it to there. You should be able to find it on your server at wp-content/themes/THE THEME YOUR USING/style.css

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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