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  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks again for your excellent plugin.

    As I prefer to use an external style sheet to style the forms/have clean HTML, I’ve tried to empty a number of the css style fields in the form setup. However when I save the form, the default/original css is back. Similar with the field sizes which I would prefer to set via CSS rather than with a field size attribute.

    In my opinion this is undesirable behaviour/a bug.

    I realise that I can add a class instead of styling and that this would overcome this behaviour, but most of the time adding a class isn’t necessary as implementing smart css rules eliminates the need for all those extra classes.

    I’m using version of the plugin – the latest & greatest 😉

    To change the above described behaviour, the following things would need to be changed as far as I can see:
    In the admin/si-contact-form-admin.php file, line 247 to 262 – empties would need to be allowed. Similar for the field size options.
    In the si-contact-form.php file, line 2333 – the si_contact_convert_css($string) function would need to check for an empty input and if so, return an empty string. Sample code:

    function si_contact_convert_css($string='') {
       if( $string === '' ) { return }

    In the si-contact-form-display.php file and the si-contact-form-ex-fields.php file, everywhere where there’s code similar to size="'.$ctf_field_size.'" this would need to be changed to something along the lines of: ( isset( $ctf_field_size ) ? ' size=" ' . $ctf_field_size . '"' : '' )

    No doubt I’m still missing something, but I’ve tried to cover most. If you like I could provide you with a patch.

    I hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this including if you would completely disagree with me ;-).


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  • I tried the Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin for the first time today and I was wondering whether there is a way to use my own CSS. This post by Juliette seems to be about the nearest subject I could get to my question but after about paragraph 4 or 5, I got lost there!

    It would be great to have an option to remove all CSS and use your own.



    There was a bug one time where the inline CSS settings were disappearing sometimes. That is why if it is blank, they repopulate.

    Can I use an external stylesheet instead of the inline css in advanced

    External vs. internal it has pros and cons.
    I made it inline because the settings survive plugin upgrades and can be easily tweaked.

    You can bypass the inline style and make your own stylesheet,
    here is how:
    Look in the advanced options where you have the Inline CSS settings.
    Each setting can be changed to a class property if you prefer.
    For example:
    The setting “CSS style for form input fields DIV on the contact form:”
    can be changed from:

    Now you can use the input class of an external stylesheet.
    You can repeat this for any other CSS setting.


    Thank you for taking the time to reply.


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