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  • I spent the entire morning jumping through hoops trying to get Fast Secure Contact Form to work and have had no luck.

    I first got the “Warning: session” errors and after research and then contacting GoDaddy, they changed something and the errors went away.
    I have tried every possible combination I can think of with Captcha, without, different emails to send to, etc. with no luck.
    I have followed and installed the extra WP-Mail-SMTP plug-in. I have tried the various things in
    I have tried deactivating, activating, etc. with no luck.

    A test email from the dashboard works fine. However if I try using the form, all it does is refresh the page but brings me right back to the same page’s bookmark of #FSContact1.

    This is all on a Linux server. I have a Windows website also hosted by GoDaddy so I installed the plug-in there. All I did was change who to send the email to, not all the extra things recommended for a GoDaddy host. And what do you know, it worked fine and I could actually see what the thank you message looks like after submitting the form. I compared the settings between the two sites and they are the same.

    I would gladly donate for premium support but it doesn’t make sense if I can’t even get it working. Besides disabling every possible thing on my site and starting from scratch (a really unreasonable request just to add a plug-in) since I would have to redo most settings on other plug-ins (I know because I did do one), I don’t know what to do next.

    Any possible suggestions?

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  • Out of frustration and possible hope, I contacted GoDaddy support and just got off the phone after over an hour. The person I spoke to even went to the advanced hosting support. They could not recommend a form plug-in other than what has been previously mentioned with using their webformmailer.php which they ran on my server and it worked fine. They surprisingly said though that the plug-in that usually works is si-contact-form (Fast Secure Contact Form) even though it has a lot of settings.

    They could not see anything from the form getting sent to the email server though and unfortunately could not offer any other suggestions. I was using Contact Form 7 originally which worked fine until sometime in the past couple months (I don’t get that many emails from the web form) and I did try a couple very simple contact form plug-ins and they seem to behave the same way as si-contact-form where the page refreshes and that’s it. Which leads me to believe there is something on the Linux server but they could not see what it could be.

    I would like to get si-contact-form working since it supposedly is the best and GoDaddy even says it usually works. Somebody out there has to have this combination working somehow and hopefully can provide some suggestions?

    This help page usually does it for godaddy.
    and install the extra WP-Mail-SMTP plug-in.

    Try everything on this troubleshooting page:

    Troubleshooting WordPress plugin problems

    Thanks for the reply. First link has been used extensively. I’ve done some of the second link but will try the others. Right now I ended up using their webformmailer for the contact form but I know I’ll probably need to use something better in the future with captcha and other features.

    It’s frustrating because Contact Form 7 used to work fine and I didn’t have to do extra stuff like installing mail plug-in’s. I almost wish I could tell them to give me a brand new install on another server and I’ll start from scratch.

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