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    Both versions are included in archive, but only “Basic Version” is activated by default.

    Activate “Widget Version” via ByREV Category Cloud from wp admin menu:

    Note: Widget Version version does not work without the “Basic Version” so, both version must be active … otherwise you will receive an error message:

    Ups! ByREV Fast Category Cloud Plugin Error!

    Widget Version does not work without Base Version, so please enable it and the Base Version!

    If you get “division by zero” error, enter in admin/widget config and save config via “ByREV Category Cloud”



    Oooo I didn’t see that last time (does it only appear after it’s been activated? :-/ ). You may want to consider splitting them into 2 separate plugins, not only is the current method confusing it’s also unnecessary since very few people prefer hacking theme templates to simply dragging widgets onto a page. I do see the benefit in the base version (more freedom to choose exactly where you want it to show) but it’s only those who have a fair amount of experience with wordpress that could use that method without submitting more requests for help after mucking up their site… 😉

    @LJagermaster maybe … but, the second file (for widget version) is used only for management, activation and config updates.

    6 kbyte of data is inefficient to be parsed from each loading of the blog.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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