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  • Mike-

    When an email is sent from SI Contact, in my email inbox the “From” field I see: the name provided by the person entering the contact form.

    I think it would be very helpful if the plugin options allowed one to add a Prefix to the “From” label.

    For example: I add “Contact Form:”, so that if a person fills out the SI form and their name is Joe, email, I would see this in my email Inbox “From” field:
    Contact Form: Joe
    rather than:

    Currently, I find it confusing to have email “From” names I don’t recognize. Once I open the email, of course, I now see whatever prefix WITHIN the email I set up in SI. But just looking at the Inbox list of emails received, all I see is the “Joe” name.

    It would be much clearer if the Inbox list showed “Contact From:Joe”, rather than “Joe”. I would always know, at a glance, that an email with this prefix is from the Contact form.
    Thanks. –Bill

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  • Update: I realize that I can use the Subject-prefix field in SI to accomplish this. My prefix is ‘CONTACT FORM: ‘, so an email from SI shows up as:
    From: Joe
    Subject: CONTACT FORM: Joe’s Subject

    That works just fine for my needs.

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