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  • How does the file attachments feature work?
    The same as adding extra fields.
    Go to the contact form settings page to edit a form.
    Click on Advanced Options.
    Type a label for your extra field attachment such as “Attach photo:”
    Select the field type “attachment”, check the “required” box of you
    want it to be required.
    You can add more than one attachment extra field.

    Below the extra field settings you will find the “Attached files
    acceptable types:” setting.
    Set the acceptable file types for the file attachment feature.
    Any file type not on this list will be rejected.
    Separate each file type with a comma character.
    example: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png

    Also set the “Attached files maximum size allowed:” setting.
    Set the acceptable maximum file size for the file attachment feature.
    example: 1mb equals one Megabyte, 1kb equals one Kilobyte
    Note: Maximum size is limited to available server resources and
    various PHP settings.
    Very few servers will accept more than 2mb. Sizes under 1mb will
    usually have best results.
    examples: 500kb, 800kb, 1mb, 1.5mb, 2mb
    Note: Don’t set any higher than you actually need. If you set the value higher than your server can handle, users
    will have problems uploading big files. The form can time out and may
    not even show an error. 1mb or less is highly recommended.

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  • Can you add a setting to have the attachments saved in a location that is not under the plugin folder (that way the attachments don’t get deleted when the plugin is upgraded).


    You can save Fast Secure Contact Form emails and attachments with this addon:
    Contact Form to Database Extension

    Can the form save to a database or export to CSV file?

    I have a question about this subject.
    Modern OS like Windows XP and newer make docx documents. When I add this to the line to be accepted as attachment, every time I get a failure warning that the file is not accepted.
    When I check the settings it is still in the list.
    How can I solve this?

    It should allow docx if you add that type in the setting: “Attached files
    acceptable types:”

    What exactly does the error say?
    Make sure the file is not larger than the server allows.
    If you click “help” next to this setting: “Attached files maximum size allowed:” there is some words printed there that tells you what max file size your server allows.
    Try another file type like doc or jpg to see if any type working or not.

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your fasr response.
    I am using your latest version of the plugin together with the latest version of WP. I’m still busy installing the site.
    In the settings the max file size is 1 Mb.
    After restarting my website it is working now. Thanks.
    But there is something else which actually belongs in an other post.
    After I checked the styles option, to align field and notification in the same line, the page is acting strange.
    On the page I have three forms where people can choose which one to use.
    check the layout please of the first one.
    Even hr doesn’t do the job well.

    janvandam, try resetting the style to labels on top (default).

    But this works, put this before one of the hr
    <br clear="all" />


    Hi Mike,
    Thanks again.
    I have upgraded the version to the latest now, and added the line you suggested.
    It works !! I owe you half a coffee already….

    But…. not for adding attachments, is there a way to have the announcement about “file type and size” next to the “add attachment” and both in front of the field?

    That’s for the other half of the coffee… LOL

    By the way, this is a great plugin, the best I have seen so far !!

    janvandam, something in your theme ia causing the “Acceptable file types:” to push out to the right, it does not do that on my theme, or when I click “view” on thr form edit page.

    I try not to add to many options for everything. I have a lot already.


    So I just have to accept it.
    Thanks anyway. But I will check the css of my theme as well, and maybe I’ll find a solution.

    If I have an https page and want to send my form and attachments via SSL how can I do this? In other words, to send users from my home page to a secure https page.

    Right now the home page can be secured by manually adding https in the url

    AlbertL, that is more of a WordPress question, not a FSCF question.
    You might ask in WP general forum “how to make a WP page use SSL”.
    Also read this:

    What is “secure” about Fast Secure Contact Form?

    Thank you for the link, Mike.

    In closing,

    I found this link,

    Hi Mike,
    I want to use FSCF to send an auto-reply with a pdf attachment – to someone who visits my site & submits their email address (& name).

    Can FSCF do that? I know it sends auto-responses, but can it attach a (pdf) file to the auto-response? If so, how?

    Please let me know – give me the tags I need to add in the message body (or elsewhere) to make this work.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

    No you cannot send attachments from the autoresponder, sorry.

    Tip: How to add attachment fields

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