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  • You are welcome, thanks.

    See also my other plugin:

    Just downloaded and installed your si-contact-form on my WordPress site
    running the Thesis theme. Not only was it incredibly easy to use and
    make simple alterations, the help screens were so very practical and
    easy to understand. I wish all the plug-ins were so well designed!

    Thanks and be sure to click the star rating on this page:

    Cannot get the form to send an email? Tried the two email addresses from the server and tried several different emails, still no luck? upgraded to the latest version still no luck? any suggestions?
    using WP ver 2.8.4


    Did you look at the first entry of the FAQ?
    Did you try it?

    I just installed this and do not get any email from it, what could be wrong?
    Make sure you have the correct “E-mail To:” set in options. If that is correct, then this setting in the contact form options might help you…. “E-mail From:” … Normally you should leave this blank because the email will be from the sender. If your contact form does not send any email, then set “E-mail To:” and “E-mail From:” to an email address on the SAME domain as your web site. This fix works for web hosts that do not allow PHP to send email unless the email address is on the same web domain. They do this to help prevent spam.

    Tried this several times with different email addresses. With and without the two.
    could it be my theme? Lightword?

    Blue Host hosting

    It is probably not the theme.

    Do you get any email at all from your blog, like when comments are posted?
    It seems to me a server issue.
    Some web hosts disable the PHP mail function.
    You may have to make a trouble ticket with your web host.
    Let me know how it goes.

    Support at my Host (BlueHost) said the PHP mail is on and offered to try to duplicate the problem for me. I said I would try again myself. I went in to the WordPress Admin and noticed the update for the SI contact form and updated it. I then noticed the test mode which did send an email to me when I tested. The update apparently fixed it! thank you very much.

    You are welcome 🙂

    Problems still?
    I visited my page to test the contact form outside the internal test and I do not get a reply,
    Is there something I am doing improperly? is there still a problem?
    I thought it was fixed but not sure now?


    If you contact me with your email address from my site, I can help you troubleshoot.

    Mike Challis



    I just installed this. Awesome work!

    I got rich235 working. He had an incompatible plugin called “WPMU Super Captcha”. Removed that and installed “SI CAPTCHA for WordPress“, problem fixed and he still has spam protection.

    Very shweet both of yer plugins, the contact form and the captcha one (even if I don’t really like using captcha solutions). Anyways, both work just charmly!

    SI Contact Form
    SI Captcha
    Both clear and crisp…. In installation, in looks, and use for user.

    I,ve swapped from another contact-form plugin to use yours. much appreciated.

    I decided a while back that a captcha for the registration page would be fair/simple solution to help prevent auto spam… when I saw your captcha plugin (with options (including registration page)… I figured you were double neat! both great, thanks again

    Ive been trying to pop a 5 on each of your ratings… at the moment it just says try again… but will come back and keep tapping, untill it registers.

    cheers 😮

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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