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  • Plugin Name: WordPress FAQ Manager
    Plugin Version 1.331
    By: Andrew Norcross
    Site: (It’s not in English, so I don’t know if the address helps)

    Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to find a solution on the forums, but everything that seems to be related is either beyond my capabilities to understand, or beyond my authority in my company to apply.
    I hope you can help me solve this.

    A week or two ago this was all fine and the issue wasn’t there.
    I have two FAQ pages on my site. One uses [faq faq_id="<number>"] and works fine, and the other uses [faq faq_topic="topic-slug"] and used to work fine a week or two ago but now only shows 4 out of 8 FAQs on that topic-slug.

    I’ve tried using [faq faq_topic="topic-slug" limit="40"], I’ve tried using [faq faq_topic="topic-slug" limit="-1"] (which I later read can’t work with faq_topic anyway, and I’ve even tried using the method that currently works fine on my second FAQ page: [faq faq_id="<number>"] (one line per FAQ for a total of 8 lines).
    Nothing solves this.

    The page shows my website’s footer, and sidebar and everything, but the content part – where the FAQ list is supposed to be (and collapse when clicked) is only showing 4 out of my 8 FAQs under the specific topic-slug.

    What can I do?
    I have limitations on what I’m authorized to try (at least until my CEO comes back and then I might be able to request more permissions). For example I can’t update the plugin version. But I’m hopeful this can be solved with the permissions I have, since it worked fine before.

    I’ve just tried [faq faq_topic="different-topic-slug" limit="20"], and that one works properly. So what could be wrong with my first topic-slug that that one only shows half of them?
    I’ve checked, and the FAQs that don’t appear do indeed belong to the topic-slug. I’ve even tried removing one of them from the topic-slug, then re-applying it, and it didn’t solve the issue.

    Another thing I noticed is that on this page, and on this page only, my sidebar & footer appear in the wrong font.

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