• Randy King


    I have a 50% success rate with this plugin. The first site went flawlessly and I was impressed. Now I cannot get the plugin to work on another site. I am getting the “Unable to access wpconfig file. Please check if WordPress is installed on the destination address. Also, check if you have permission to access the folder” error.

    I can FTP to this site with a brand-new WP install. I can access the wp-config file perfectly fine (opened it and viewed it), and the permissions are all 755 on directories and 644 on files, with my FTP User being the owner.

    The site is running just fine as a WordPress site.

    The error message is too vague. It should say specifically what it is encountering, like “hey, we can’t open your wp-config file for writing due to permissions” or something like that. It appears that this is a catch-all error message for, perhaps, a number of things that could be wrong.

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