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  • Plugin Author Ben Balter


    Sorry for the trouble. The latest version (1.4) will appear in the repository momentarily and should resolve the issue.

    I upgraded but now widget shows all taxonomy terms from everything

    debug bar is going nuts as well:

    total queries 7905, crushing server when activated.

    *Is there any way to get the facited search widget to act more like:

    notice auto loading upon each click etc, lots of sites doing this but so far I can’t find a plugin vs.

    Plugin Author Ben Balter


    Did the latest version (1.5) resolve the MySQL issue for you?

    Yes, 1.5 does remove those errors. Thank you

    One thing I did notice is that facted is pulling in all the taxonomies, not just the ones that belong to the post-type being displayed.

    On the blog archive page sidebar, faceted is showing ‘product categories’ as a selector. This taxonomy is only registered to my ‘product’ post-type (woocommerce) so it is not relevant to the page the widget is being displayed on.

    Not sure what logic it would take, but it would be a nice future addition if we could assign what taxonomies are going to be displayed. then with some standard logic which I already understand, I can apply appropriate faceted widgets to different sections of my website.

    #2 suggestion:
    dropdown selectors would be nice. On my dev blog I have over 500 terms so the list is crazy long. (I use wp functions as terms to organize my code snippets) this might work, as currently I can’t select more than one term per taxonomy group anyhow, which of course would be a great future addition as well.

    Either way, thank you the widget works, and it should work on some of my smaller sites just fine.

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    Plugin Author Ben Balter


    Glad to hear! It was a really stupid mistake (command to reset the query was outside the command that looped through the taxonomies so the taxonomy queries snowballed).

    So the logic should be as follows:

    1. Get all taxonomies
    2. Get all terms within the taxonomy
    3. Count the number of posts in the current query matching that term
    4. If there are any matches, spit out the term, otherwise continue

    Is it just showing the taxonomy label with no terms?

    I guess the smarter way to do it, which may save queries in the long run, would be to get an array of all the post_types in the current query, then only get taxonomies that describe those post types.

    If you take a look at the Development Version, which is very much, still just a development version, there’s a few more choices in the widget options which may help, and a very rough pass at ajaxing the search results.

    As for dropdowns, I think it would be possible, just would have to check the compatibility of wp_dropdown_categories with wp_list_categories

    this plugin needs serious help. i installed, placed widget in widget area. it asked for a title. WHAT? that’s it? is there no setup? how about make a plugin that indexes what and where you want? No customization? the development version is slightly better but still like 3 selections and still didn’t work. did you consider making it search pages, post, custom post types, tags, images etc.? Fix it or delete it off of WP plugins. Your’ just going to drive people crazy with this broken 1/2 build plugin. Complete waste of time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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