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  • Plugin Author AndrewUlrich


    Yes? Sorry I’ve been out of town the past 2 weeks, but I’m back now.

    No problem. Do you have a roadmap regarding feather development?

    Plugin Author AndrewUlrich


    That’s a good idea. Here’s one I just finished putting together, thanks to your feedback:

    Would you consider a cooperation with e-commerce/business directory/classified themes creators? – looks perfect for your plugin.

    Would you be willing to flesh out this plugin for a fee? There are a few features that we’re looking to add that don’t currently exist. (Such as drop-down tag selection, and category ordering)

    Plugin Author AndrewUlrich


    I actually had a breakthrough the other day, and am in the process of rewriting this plugin with more features. Donations are always welcome, but I have to hold off on contract work for now since I just got a new job, and so am really strapped for time right now.

    Hello andrew…love this plugin and is exactly what I need, but when I place the widget, select and search I get a blank results page no matter what I select…the widget places and lists all tags and displays check boxes and search button, but no results…can you help me here? am I missing something?

    I got the functionality to work…the issue was withe the post_type…I was using tagged pages, not posts, so when I switched it to “page” in your code…it is now producing results, but it is populating with the full content of the pages instead of a search result excerpt type layout…any clues as to why? or how to change it to do what I want?

    Plugin Author AndrewUlrich


    hello andrew,

    thanks for replying…that does not help since it only works on posts and not pages which I am using….any other ideas?

    Plugin Author AndrewUlrich


    rot8tor, in that case, I’d say this is not an issue for this specific plugin but rather for wordpress search results in general. I don’t see why someone shouldn’t submit a patch to wordpress itself that will allow the ‘more’ tag to work for pages as well as posts, and I think it’s a good idea. But this part of the forum is for the faceted search plugin and not for that.

    writenowrong, please see Version 2 which was released today. It has both collapseable category trees and an extra admin page where you can rearrange your categories and order them.

    All, I’d like to humbly ask that you please don’t recycle threads unless it’s relevant to the original topic discussed on it. If you want to start a new topic, please start a new thread. This is a courtesy to those who post on a thread and are notified of new posts via e-mail. If they keep getting emails on a thread that has drastically deviated from the topic they were interested in, then it’s almost like spamming them, and it partially defeats the purpose of subscribing to the thread in the first place. It’s also a courtesy to those who search through these threads for specific information.



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    I’d love to see this plugin work with wordpress’ taxonomies instead of tags and categories. I have a site for televisions which has separate taxonomies defined for “display size”, manufacturer, type, etc. I want a faceted search across these taxonomies.

    Display Size
    – 20 to 29 inches
    – 30 to 39 inches

    – Sony
    – LG
    – Samsung

    Something like that where the – is a check box. I feel like this plugin is so close. Have you considered adding support for taxonomies?

    Hi Andrew,

    Did You hear about Scriblio plugin?

    Plugin Author AndrewUlrich


    @michayu, yeah Scriblio looks pretty cool.

    @mattdot, thanks for mentioning that. I didn’t know you could create your own custom taxonomies until you mentioned it. If you want to search within a single taxonomy, I imagine you could simply change the word ‘category’ in the plugin’s script to the name of the taxonomy that you created, but if you have lots of different taxonomies (in your case) that you want to search across, maybe you should check out that Scriblio thing that michayu mentioned. To be honest, it may be a while until I get around to implementing custom taxonomy faceted search features for this plugin unless I start getting help maintaining the code.

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