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  • Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Instructions pop up when you enable this option. Follow them.

    With the new update today, I finally got a post to show up on my timeline, but then when trying to SUBMIT on the APP page, I get:

    Missing App Logo and Icon
    You must provide an app logo and app icon before submitting this action. You can add a logo and icon on the Basic Settings page.

    Do we need these also?

    I added an ICON and LOGO, and now got this:

    Built-in Action Types require that you provide instructions for using your app’s Open Graph integration as your Open Graph Test User in a functioning test environment. Failure to provide a functioning test environment will result in rejection of your Action Type.

    If I’m the only one who is posting to my timeline, (and I do see them now with today’s fixed update,) and they are marked as Public, why do we need to complete the “SUBMIT” stage, as it seems to be working without it.

    I did enter some dummy instructions in the box and convinced FB to enter the “Pending” stage in the OpenGraph.

    Since it does appear that your posts will not show up in you timeline to the public until you complete the Open Graph submission process, I’ll now wait to see how long it takes to be “Approved” and by who I don’t know.

    Matt, those instructions don’t match the UI facebook is giving me. Can they get updated for the current workflow?

    For instance, I can choose ‘publish’ from a pop-up instead of typing it, but if I choose ‘object’ as the type, I get an error suggesting I chose ‘article’. Is this correct?

    Then when I try to ‘Submit’ it complains about an icon and logo, which aren’t in the instructions. That part says that they’re both in Basic, but only icon is in basic. Logo looks to be in Advanced, but even though a logo shows up (a copy of my icon) if I submit again, it says I need a logo and icon.

    Instructions with the current workflow would probably cut way down on the number of support requests here!

    Follow-up: I found the version of the action adder that doesn’t ask for an object type under OpenGraph. Maybe the other one only gets presented the first time?

    The icon / logo errors went away after I added the wordpress ‘real’ (not domain mapped) DNS name to the site URL’s and re-uploaded the icon on the Basic page and the Logo on the Auth Dialog page.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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