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[Plugin: Facebook Tab Manager] SSL-Proxy

  • Hey,

    in my case I have no choice then using a ssl-proxy for my website. I have no possibility to add or buy a real ssl-certificat. But my webhoster offers for free a ssl-proxy, which is working (I had many doubts before) fine in anyway. But… 😉

    …this plugin mad a bit trouble. Let’s have a wp-article called “name”. The Tab-URL is


    and the Secure Tab-URL is


    So, as you can see, just the “https://ssl.webpack.de/” is put before the “www.myd….” for the ssl-proxy.

    I can already open the ssl-version of the tab, BUT after sending something (a form for a contactformular) it will redirect the form-post to “https://ssl.webpack.de/fbtab/name/” – so without the neccassary domain and instead of the right link “https://ssl.webpack.de/www.mydomain.de/fbtab/name/”.

    I guess it’s just a bug, that the plugin doesn’t handle the relative, but the absolute url.

    Is there any help for this hopefully tiny issue?



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  • Okay, it seems the form-plugin is redirecting not to the relative path. Sorry to cause inconveniences! This plugin has nothing has to do with it.

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