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  • (I’m Japanase. please bear my broken English below.)

    First, Thank you for a great plugin of yours.

    I happen to face strange situation.
    I’ve been using facebook-tab-manager2.8.2 with WP3.1 on old server totally fine, but now I have to move it to the new server.
    So I moved all files to the new, and I install & configure WP exactly the same as the old. And everything seems working fine beside facebook-tab-manager.

    On the new server, after-clicking-like contents which is encloed by [fblike like=”1″][/fblike] never appears,
    only before-clicking-like contents which is encloed by [fblike like=”0″][/fblike] shows up even after cliking like button.
    Then I tried latest plugin ver(2.99) on both server,
    but the situation did not change.

    The difference between old/new server is PHP version and using Plesk or not.
    The old server is using Apache without Plesk with PHP5.2.5.
    The New is using Apache on Plesk9.5 with PHP5.1.6.

    And I am pretty sure that my facebook iframe app is working healthy,
    ‘cos with the old tab url, like-unlike change function is working fine. but if I put new tab url on the new server, the function is dead. (only shows before-clicking-like content)

    Do this problem have any relation with PHP version or using Plesk?

    Thank you for reading messy English!

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  • I add a bit more details of my situation.

    I also tried “Reveal Tab Setup”.
    Separating before/after-cliking-like contents into 2 post
    and setting them as “Reveal Tab” pair,
    Then “demo if page liked” link shows after-cliking-like contents
    on the both server.

    So on the new server,
    Inside the WP, It works fine,
    but inside the facebook App, It works strange.
    On the old server, it works fine even inside the App.

    Is there any clue to solve the situation?

    As a temporally solution,
    I found a plugin “WP-Facebook applications” and started using it.
    It’s working OK, but still functionally your plugin is much better.
    So I still wait for any clue to solve my problem.


    I have tried to create a reveal tab Facebook Tab Manager recently since the Timeline implementation arrived and failed.

    I tried both the short code method and the special reveal tab method provided on the menu. Neither option worked.

    I can only get the “Liked Tab” displayed.

    Is this still being experienced by anyone else?
    If it being investigated by the plugin developer?


    Same problem here. Only the fan content visible not matter user liked the page or not. Have already checked the app id, url for small mistakes. Any inputs will be appreciated.

    Yes! Exact same issue here!! please help!

    anyone have an answer here? I’m having the same issue…thanks,

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    I’m sorry for being slow to respond to this thread. I’ll do some experiments to see if I can reproduce the problem.

    One note: Simulating the like / not liked change can often be confusing because of the way I use session cookies to track the status. So if you liked the page, then unlike it, you might not see a change when you revisit the page tab.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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