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  • I made some changes to the Reveal Tab Setup screen to make this easier. You can now record the App ID right on that page. I’ll work on a post or maybe a video to explain how it works, but meantime you might try the new release and see if you find it easier.

    Here’s a tutorial I created in response to your request.

    Video: Create a Welcome Page with Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress » TabMgr – Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress

    Hey thanks David! I’ll give it a shot soon, and let you know how I fared.

    Still working on the time to test your video, and new updates to the pages, but I was wondering. Will the new Facebook Time Line for Pages influence the plug-in?

    I just read an article that states that the old page way of having a landing page is gone with the new timeline. I just did a search on your

    Facebook Time Line for Pages

    and tons of new info came up. I don’t even think reveal tabs or any of that stuff will work now..I could be wrong.

    It seems that you can still have the pages \ tabs work , but having a particular app or page be the default landing tab is gone. So what I was reading is that you have to ” be creative” about how you are going to drive traffic to your fangate\reveal. Looking forward to seeing how this will play out. Thanks for the post dragon!

    I’ve posted an overview of how Timeline for Pages affects Tab Manager tabs.

    Yes, they’re eliminating default landing tabs. That’s in addition to changing basic formatting parameters like the width of tabs and where links to the tabs are displayed (they’re back up top, where they started, rather than on the left, 3 or 4 app icons across the top).

    There are some advantages to the new layout, such as the big image at the top of the page. You’ll have fewer tabs showing in the default view on your page, but the ones that you choose to feature will be a little more prominent. Still, losing the ability to set a welcome tab is irritating to a lot of people who have invested in developing around that feature.

    What you could still do is promote some special offer (access to a subscribers-only video or whatever) and drive visitors to that page, either through a viral marketing campaign or with an ad. When they get there, people who have not yet liked the page could see a message telling them to click the like button. I’ve tested the ability to display different content to fans and non-fans — that part still works.

    One caveat: right now there is a bug report that’s been filed by FB developers complaining that timeline page tabs fail to auto-refresh after someone clicks the like button, causing the fan-only content to display. Facebook says they’re “looking into” this, which is good because I was afraid they might have changed this intentionally. Still not so sure that isn’t true.

    I’ve crossed over to Facebook timelines and found little instructions on how to add a Facebook App to a Facebook page.
    Any help? Thanks!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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