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[Resolved] [Plugin: Facebook Share Statistics] Blank page in the admin area

  • Hi

    We installed the plugin the other day, and it was working great until we selected ‘show all’, and it returned a blank page (under Dashboard > FB share stats).

    We tried deactivating and deleting all the plugin files & folde, and then reinstalling but we still get the blank page.

    Is there anything else we need to do to ‘really’ uninstall it? Thanks!



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  • Plugin Author Carmine Olivo


    Hi rich, thanks for reporting,
    the plugin store only one tuple in the wp_options of your database, you can find and delete it for to remove all settings, the option_name is “coFSS-settings”.
    Alternatively, you can install the new development version then delete the plugin:
    This new version implement a new method for to remove the settings and resolve the bug.

    Thanks Carmine… removing the row from the database cleared it up!

    While I have you here, how does the plugin determine which posts to show like/share info for? I have the ‘Number of posts to show’ at 20, but it only shows 5 posts in the table. If I set it to 15, it shows 3. There are posts that I know have been ‘liked’ but don’t show up. So how does it populate the table?

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Carmine Olivo


    It takes the lasts 15, 20, N posts and shows those that have at least 1 share on Facebook, until you don’t select ‘show all’ (in this case, it should show all the N posts, even if their counts are 0). For the counts, it’s important that the URL that has been ‘liked’ is exactly the same of the URL of the post.

    Ok great, I understand.

    In case you didn’t know about this, the stats page gets ‘wiped out’ if I choose ‘view all’ & ‘order by rating’ and a # of posts to show that is 30 or higher (not sure if 30 has any meaning to you- just what I’m observing). That’s when I have to delete the database row to get it back.

    Also something you might be interested in- my post with the highest number of shares/likes doesn’t show up in the list if I set the ‘categories’ field like this:

    The post in question happens to be in category ‘7’… If I set the categories field to just ‘7’ however, it shows up!

    So maybe that is a bug of some sort? I will tell you right here that I will donate to your cause if you can fix that last one for me… thnx 🙂


    Plugin Author Carmine Olivo


    I thank you again! You may enable some debugging informations in the facebook-share-statistics.php (of the development version) by changing define( "ERRORS", FALSE ); to define( "ERRORS", TRUE ); in the first lines. I do not know the cause of your problem with more than 30 articles, it is not a common issue.
    Regarding the other question, it is not a bug. That post is no longer on the list because, adding other categories (and so other posts), move it out of the first N positions. However you can add other posts in the table, adding the ID in the same field used for pages.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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