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  • Johan Benjaminsson


    We’ve got the same problem



    I just ran into this as well.

    Can either of you reply with URLS to pages where (a) PowerPress player appears and (b) where it no longer appears?

    My initial grep of the Facebook code doesn’t indicate there should be a problem, but I do see that they put all their the_content filters at level 30, which is odd to me for this type of application. I would have ordered them so they appear in the same order every time. No matter, PowerPress uses the default 10. You can modify this by adding the following line to your wp-config,php, anywhere above the require/include line near the bottom.


    Note the 31 in the value, this tells WordPress to allow PowerPress to filter the post content after the Facebook plugin. If this fixes the problem, then we definitely assume that the Facebook plugin is for some reason causing the PowerPress player to go MIA.

    Thread Starter handyguyspodcast


    Thanks for your input. I have disabled the facebook plugin and will reconsider trying it when an update is released.

    FYI – Currently using the Thesis Theme if that helps.

    Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    This sounds like a PowerPress problem. Can folks verify that Angelo Mandato’s fix works?




    Matt you guys are gonna have to fix it on your end. The PowerPress plugin is working fine on 10’s of thousands of sites until Facebook is enabled.

    Even defaulting to the standard wordpress plugin causes it to break. So I am sure Angelo is correct that your content filter is part of the issue.

    Plugin Contributor Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    geeknews: There is no problem with the Facebook plugin. It’s not doing anything strange which would prevent another plugin from inserting something else into the content.

    If there’s an issue with PowerPress, then I’m afraid PowerPress is going to have to fix it.

    Todd(Geeknews) is defending my work. If there is a bug in PowerPress we’ll fix it. We definitely want our plugin to work harmoniously with the Facebook plugin.

    Matt/Otto, the blame game is very common in the WP plugin/theme community, it’s sad because all the other open source communities I’ve been involved with are much more diplomatic and are willing to work together for the sake of making the code better. In the past I have worked with various theme/plugin developers help them solve these types of issues and everyone was happy. But 2 years back I worked with a very rude theme developer who, after I coded him a patch for his theme and explained the situation, told me I was an idiot, go F myself and to fix my own plugin. Since then I make it a practice not to invest my time or energy unless all parties are willing to work together.

    Matt/Otto, are you willing to work with me to solve this problem?

    Matt, please email me cio [at] t I’d love to discuss how PowerPress can use/work with the Facebook plugin to share podcast specific data into Facebook. I’ve researched open-graph in the past to integrate into PowerPress. Now this plugin is here I would much rather put a note in PowerPress that says “Install Facebook plugin for Facebook/podcasting integration”. PowerPress is doing something similar with the VideoJS player, just add that plugin and then PowerPress can use it.

    I did find a problem in the Facebook code on line 52 of fb-open-graph.php. Matt/Otto, if you want an explanation and/or a patch, please let me know if you want me to email a version of the fb-open-graph.php with my recommended changes or a diff/patch file and an address where to send it.

    Could you post the edit here? There are many who would like to use both products awaiting a fix.

    I would prefer the developers review the patch that I wrote and apply it into the Facebook plugin as they see fit. I have a few folks testing my patch and it does appear to fix other plugins that also have disappeared content since the Facebook plugin was installed. If you want to beta test my patch, please email me [ email redacted ], otherwise I would recommend waiting to see if Otto/Matt accept my patch.

    Thread Starter handyguyspodcast


    Angelo – Thank you for being so responsive to your customers, you are a credit to the community and to your company. I hope the Facebook developers come through although it seems they are a bit overwhelmed by buggy code and issues. Keep up the good work.


    Weird, someone removed my email address. If you want to beta test my Facebook plugin patch, please use the blubrry contact form found here:

    Great job Angelo. And great job setting good example in how to behave.

    Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Angelo Mandato: Dropped a note on your contact form, thanks.

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