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    I have a WP site setup with BuddyPress 1.5.5 and WP-FB-Autoconnect 2.3.0. When I activate the Facebook plugin I cannot access the WP-Admin pages. I get an HTML Error 500. I ried deactivating the WP-FB-Autoconnect first with the same error.

    Does this plugin not play nice with Buddypress?

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  • Plugin Contributor Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    A 500 error is a server error, probably has nothing to do with BuddyPress.

    If your server doesn’t have curl or a complete PHP 5 setup (it’s not totally uncommon, I’d say maybe 5% of installs), then it may not support the type of code in the Facebook PHP library.

    What hosting service are you on?

    Blue Host.

    I am having this same problem right now.
    When I try to activate it, I get a blank screen and no longer can access the dashboard. I have to go into my host to delete the facebook file, and my dashboard pops back up..

    I am having the same issue but i am not getting any error notifications it is just a blank page, the minute i activate the plugin it gives me a blank page, once i delete it from the directory in the hosting control panel then the site works fine again. The only section it seems to effect is the administration section. I am using PHP 5.3 so that is not the issue,

    FYI, I got passed the activation. so it would be nice on the install page to say, “get rid of any plugins that deal with facebook and open graph.” I had a “add link to facebook” plugin which was the problem for me.

    Plugin Contributor Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Ahh, I hadn’t considered that.

    Yes, if you have any other Facebook-related plugins, deactivate them first. Multiple Facebook plugins will almost always conflict with each other.

    I had already tried use the plugin with WP-FB-Autoconnect disabled and I still got the error. I am not using any other Facebook plugins.

    I was up and fine and stable and sometime during the day I have lapsed into 500 errors on the admin side as well. While I can’t guarantee it’s this plugin, it seems likely, as things like the recommendation bar (which was enabled) have “vanished” from the front end.

    Unless you count Digg Digg, I do not have any other FB related plugins. However I do have full comprehensive opengraph tags manually added. That was not causing me any issues earlier in the day.

    I’m going to manually down the plugin as soon as I get to a computer (on my phone at the moment) where I can use my private keys to get in. However, it would seem that my opengraph tags are upsetting the plugin (or something else is).

    I’m not sure I WANT to remove my opengraph tags as they carry a lot more information than this plugin yet gives us fields/tools to set up.

    I know this is an incomplete report, since I haven’t downed the plugin yet, but I wanted to contribute the information on the OG tags asap.

    Retracting my conflict. Mine turned out to be a shorewall issue at the host level unrelated to the plugin at all. I’d delete the prior post if it would let me.

    That said, I *DO* have manually added OG tags that are not conflicting.

    Plugin Contributor ngfeldman


    Try updating to v 1.0.2 and see if you still have issues. If you didn’t have cURL installed, that might have caused the plugin to not work, but as of this v 1.0.2 you shouldn’t need cURL. Additionally, we are starting to check for conflicting plugins within the Facebook plugin. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems.

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