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  • A good day to all.
    I’m experiencing problems when linking the plugin to my facebook app and page.

    I succesfully granted permissions to the plugin and my app id and secret are also succesfully validated.

    The problem is that I still get this annoying error:

    Some or all access permissions are missing. Please click the button Grant access rights! and authorize the plugin to post to your Facebook profile or page.
    [Error occured at line 774]

    Your page or profile’s access permissions could not be verified.

    Does anyone have a solution?

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  • I am having the same issue – can anyone out there help?





    I’m also having the same issue – clicking grant access rights! Does nothing…



    I’m having issues with this too! Please someone, help!



    yep same problem



    Same problem here…



    Same problem. Here. If anyone finds a solution please let us know.



    Same problem here also.



    I am also recieving this error, any ideas?




    it seems when i use Facebook as (the Page) as in “instead of my user profile” then upon clicking Grant Access, the wordpress admin page reloads and it’s facebook asking me to switch profile, upon switching profile (click on the button) i’m redirected to the worpdress page admin page and the same error is displayed

    * in my settings i also disabled all the new log-in security features device etc. but it didn’t go through any better…

    ** wordpress is 3.3.1 and Facebook Page Publish is version 0.3.9

    (thank you)



    Same problem for me too. Tried jrgd’s ‘trick’ looked like it was doing something then back to WP homepage with the error.

    Facebook ID, Secret and Page or Profile ID all green in the admin section.



    Also seeing this. I assume since none of the facebook page screenshots in the help for configuring this plugin actually look like that anymore that the facebook API has also changed too.




    Hi Everyone, I finally got this working. The problem comes from this:

    In wp-content/plugins/facebook-page-publish/fpp_index.php

    On line 663

    $permissions = array('offline_access', 'share_item');


    $permissions = array('share_item');

    Then on line 594, change

    preg_match('/^.+=\s*(.+)/', $access_token_url, $matches);


    preg_match('/access_token=(.*)&expires/', $access_token_url, $matches);

    Hope this helps.



    Great! Thank you very much Rodilard!



    Great – this worked. In my installation the line

    $permissions = array(‘offline_access’, ‘share_item’);

    is actually on line 1325


    preg_match(‘/^.+=\s*(.+)/’, $access_token_url, $matches);

    was on line 1187

    although these were the only instances of these two bits of code and changing them as outlined above got this working.



    Thank you

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 73 total)
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