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  • Hello mtschirs et al,

    Thank you for the wonderful plugin. Setting it up was a breeze and I appreciate how quickly I got it working.

    Currently your plugin is taking posts from

    and putting them on the fan page

    As you can see, the first ten characters are <!–:en–>, some comment codes used by the qtranslate plugin. Also on, there is a podcast feed.

    The first question is: how can I delete the first ten characters from every post so that I can omit that tag in the posts on the facebook page? Or can you search&remove all instances of them somehow? I have no experience with developing plugins for either wordpress or facebook, though I can’t imagine this is more than a few lines of code.

    Secondly (and in the future I’d love to donate to this plugin if you get it working…), I’ve got both the text posts on, as well as the podcast feed. They are split up into dual loops in wordpress based on category. I’ve got the audio category disabled in the plugin now for the sake of simplicity, but I was wondering if you’d make it possible to have the FPP plugin search every post for a [*.mp3] string in it and drop the first mp3 it finds into the audio option for facebook posts. Again, I don’t imagine that this would be much work, though I have no idea how to do it.

    Thank you for your efforts and your talents, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Homer webmaster

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  • Hi parttimemonk,

    Pleased to hear that you like the plugin. The first issue will be resolved with the next update (this weekend), these shortcodes will then be proberly processed ( = removed).

    Concerning your second question: The updated version will also preserve links in the text. A podcast-post will then appear as something like this:

    Vesperae de feria V for 7. Apr 2011

    Podcast: Download


    Advantage: The shared link to your blog post is still present and leads more visitors to your page.
    Drawback: The audio-file is not directly embedded into Facebook. However, a click on the link opens up the local music player.

    Searching for *.mp3 and sharing the link to the mp3 instead of the link to the blog post is possible. I will not integrate it into the plugin since it is a very special, perhaps unwanted feature for most users, but if you are still interested, I will post a “personalized” version.

    That sounds great. Thank you!

    Look forward to getting the update.

    Hi parttimemonlk,

    The update is now available, could you give it a try and report whether it is working for you or not?

    Hi mtschirs,

    any news on the update? I installed the newest versions but the publishing problem still seems to exists as you can see here:

    I am happy to try a new version if it exists.



    Hi R3s3t@osfight,

    I had to delay the development because I was not available the last weeks. Fortunately, this has changed now and a revised version is under development. Planned release: coming monday.

    I am happy to test it. Thanks a lot!

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