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  • Plugin Author mtschirs


    Hi thetwohats,

    Wich version do you use? The current version 0.3.9 publishes the author’s pseudonyme and this seems to work, at least for my own blog.

    Hi Yes, I’m using the latest version.
    If I publish my own posts to facebook, it seems fine
    but if I publish posts from my editors it sticks up the gravatar, name and category even though its unticked. Will try uninstalling and reinstalling now, and get back to you.

    Hi, I’ve uninstalled/deleted all files reinstalled latest version activated followed all procedures, unticked author and comments and its still adding them to facebook when I publish and is adding real name rather than nickname.
    what do you reckon?

    Plugin Author mtschirs


    I just focused on the author’s name vs author’s pseudonyme, so I didn’t realize that there is another issue concerning posts originally written by editors. I will have a look at it later this day – sorry for the inconvenience.

    No Problem, I just asked one of my editors to try publishing one of her posts and the same thing thing happened it published her real name.
    Thanks for looking into it.

    Plugin Author mtschirs


    I tried the following things with and without having the “author” checkbox checked:
    – Editor publishes on FB
    – Editor creates draft, Admin publishes on FB
    – Editor publishes on FB, admin republishes on FB

    It always worked as expected (showning the nickname / not showing the nickname of the Editor on Facebook).

    Did you perhaps create an article with checked author checkbox, publish it on Facebook, then you uncheck the author checkbox and publish it (updated or not) again on Facebook?
    In this or similar cases, you have to be aware of the Facebook caching mechanism. Once published on Facebook, you have to wait some time (hours, days?) before modifications (everything except the post content, wich is updated in realtime) are taken into account. This is also true for posts published with the old plugin version and republished with the new one.

    If you think the Facebook Cache is not the problem, could you give me another hint on how to reproduce the bug?

    Thanks for your replies,
    I’ve left it a few days and will have another play with it today.. if I’m still having the same problems I will create a pdf I can send to you with screenshots and stuff.

    I’ve noticed if people share a post on facebook.. I’m currently using Add This.. then its doing the same thing. so I’ve had to deactivate that as well for the moment.

    Anyway, will post later and let you know

    This is weird.
    Its still behaving the same.
    I can publish the posts I wrote, including posts earlier than my editors and it works fine. I have 2 admin logins and both manage my own posts correctly. However its still adding a gravatar (blank) and the editors name and title of post when I update my editors work.

    Going to check what happens if they delete a post and post it as a new post.
    Also going to create an editors account for myself and check that out


    Ok, all fine with new posts by editors. getting them to delete and repost.
    Hopefully the facebook like button and the add this plugin will be ok now as well.

    Cheers for your help


    Plugin Author mtschirs


    Great! Thank you for having testet it again.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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