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  • I had to uninstall the plugin because it introduced a lot of lag into my WordPress installation. I’m not sure what it is causing the lag, but I know that with the Facebook plugin, the entire site freezes up, without it, it runs fine. If you can tell me what information I need to provide and how to retrieve it, I would be more than willing to provide you with anything that may alleviate this issue, even if it turns out just being something on my end. I’d really like to use this plugin, but in it’s current state it is unusable for me.

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  • Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Do you have cURL installed? If not, try installing it.

    i do, and i compiled php 5.4.4 with curl support on FreeBSD 9. I’ve tested it and it seems fine

    Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Odd. The only lag issues I’ve seen are when cURL hasn’t been installed.

    Do you have webgrind installed, by chance?

    That would be extremely helpful in tracking this down.

    no, but I’d be willing to check it out

    I’m also experiencing quite a bit of lag on my site.


    Make sure you have curl AND php5-curl installed. Using Debian;

    apt-get install curl php5-curl
    apache2ctl restart

    Just did this and it’s now working perfectly 🙂

    Plugin Contributor ngfeldman


    The problem when cURL wasn’t installed was a specific problem, where it would take exactly 2 minutes for a connection from your server to Facebook to be closed. This issue has been resolved in today’s update (v1.0.2).

    If the lag is on a smaller scale, then this is a separate issue.

    In any case, please try updating to v1.0.2 and let us know if you continue to experience any issues.

    thanks for the tutorial on how to install curl and php5-curl, however, I’m on bsd, and I built it from ports, it won’t even compile without compiling curl. as for the other issue, I’ll try the updated plugin and see if it poses an issue. ( I’ve double checked to make sure that curl is actually installed too and it is. )

    Okay, tried the upgraded plugin, whatever you changed, it worked!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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